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(grahamtugwell) #21

Hi guys. I have written up episode descriptions for the first two weeks of Court of Swords on the wiki. They’re here: Week One and Week Two. I must say, while listening to the episodes again, I have an even greater appreciation for @AdamKoebel’s skill at world creation. There are so many details and hints at the bigger picture crammed into the opening chapters of the CoS saga, it’s truly stunning. No wonder the series is still going strong nearly seventy episodes later!

The wiki is very much a work in progress, so feedback is much appreciated.

(Twitch: Brooster) #22

Awesome work, @grahamtugwell , I’m also making a bit of progress, albeit a bit more slowly and spottily. So far, I extended the episode I have added a fair bit to Episode 51. I am curious whether leaving it in such a state for now seems acceptable to you?

Furthermore, I am hoping to ask for help from someone more experienced in such things with the Episode Infobox, which is on the upper-right of each episode article. I haven’t the slightest clue how, for example, to convince it to read “Season 4, part 1;” there seems to be no pattern to the way the infobox reacts to various inputs and additions, and a great many of these are broken. Help!

Edit: I found something that may help here:, which seems to reflect a broad update to all of the wikia-hosted sites in general. It would be worth double-checking the other ones (Swan Song, e.g.) if you’ve worked on them, just to make sure those are working. I’ll report in here with my success making the conversion.

(Twitch: Brooster) #23

Another note, or rather, request: It would be lovely to have access to the CoS theme elements, i.e. from the overlays and art from the series vis-a-vis I don’t know whether the artist spends any time on the forums (perhaps a mod might tell me), but it would be excellent if we could do themed content highlights in this way. If it is possible, I’d love to get image files of overlays/ overlay elements that could be employed using the wiki.

Oh, and the font from the overlays would be amazing, if that is available. If it’s a font that’s available elsewhere, the name would be sufficient; otherwise, I would love to have access to it for items like titles, etc. (Honestly I’m not certain about the practicality of using external fonts on wikia, but if it were available I’d even consider adding it as an image file, heh).

If this is possible, it would be wonderful to know; even better would be to have access to both the old and new overlay styles once the new one is available, so perhaps not until the new one shows up.

(grahamtugwell) #24

Hi @ZykBRooster - ep 51 looks great to me, all the essentials are there, ready to be expanded and linked to. I agree, the infobox is a bit of a mess. I tried to do a bit of fixing, but my lack of coding skills and fear of irreprably breaking something stopped me from doing anything too drastic! That’s a great idea, cross checking with the other wikis, as soon as I have a free day I’ll look into that! I’m going to keep working my way throught the episodes, if you have any feedback, let me know.