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Court of Swords Ep. 31 Ruin map + Zuduo The Dead In Darkness

@AdamKoebel What was the map you used for the ruins of Nazatra (probably spelled that wrong)? I know you get your maps from Roll20 but I was unable to find it. Saw that map and had a cool idea beginning to form and wanted to look at the map tiles more closely. Also what monster did you use for Zuduo The Dead In Darkness? Was it a home-brew or a re-skinned monster and were the liar actions part of that monster or did you add them?

Edit: What is the resource pack for your spell tokens? I saw a darkness token but not quite as nice (to opaque which makes it hard to see the token)

Not Adam but fairly sure it was this map pack

The monster had the same/similar stat block as a Young Black Dragon (pg. 88 in MM).

It was a reskinned Young Black Dragon. I believe he used the effects from this pack.

I’m not sure on the map.

I love reskinning monsters. First, it adds an element of unpredictability that keeps experienced players on their toes. Second, it’s great for stylizing your campaign into something more focused beyond generic pastiche fantasy.

It’s a good way to keep people guessing, and I love hearing Adam describe things unique to the setting. It looks like there was at least a little added to it past though. Between what sounded like the addition of yuan-ti spellcasting and the change to the black dragon’s multiattack (normally they make one bite and two slightly weaker claw attacks, not three bites) means that on paper, Zuduo was even more of a challenge.

That said, it didn’t feel like Adam was playing Zuduo maliciously, if that makes sense. Dragon fights are no joke, but Berg could have been killed outright more than once if she didn’t have that creepy, vaguely nurturing reaction to his “dead” body. I kind of want to know more about what her deal was now, even if the valley has a new evil snek priestess.

Seems like he might have taken away flight. A flying dragon would have destroyed the party harder, IMO.

Thanks @Bitghost709! That looks like the map pack.

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Y’all have it pretty much right. Young Black Dragon minus flight plus suggestion and poison immunity and the bite thing. She wasn’t as smart as a dragon either, having drunk so long from the well of That Which Sleeps at Naja Atra. Zuxiou was a little messed up.


Ageless, eternal evil is a helluva drug.