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[COURT OF SWORDS // E96 // Q&A] Karate Monsters


(AdamKoebel) #1

Disciple Doug says “Have a noodle!”

(Flyingphish) #2

I really Doug this episode

(KimiNekoCat) #4

I had been wondering if the karate monsters were actual monks or were mara or spirits.

(Possibly Batman) #5

This show just continues to get better and better!
Loved seening the extra firey side of Ramus today and the growing cult of Berg!

(Neibros) #6

I don’t expect an answer, but… Is the “she” mentioned as the leader of the gangsters our most favorite season-1-court-of-swords-peasant-girl-turned-murder-lesbian?

(Ventus24) #7

Ok so let’s get started lol

1 now that the temple of the moon has been made aware of ramus if they find of that he currently lacks a soul might the try to purify or kill him or quarantine him until they figure out whats wrong with him?

2 what do think the limit of yotta’s suggestive influence on the temple of the moon is for example whats the most extreme thing you think he could get them to do ( hes already got someone renounce there vow to never drink) do you think if he were to say something like the Embers of Emix are actually good (as a example) would they go along with it and hear him out / go along with it or would they treat him like a heretic if he did that?

3 because the party is currently in the court of swords and even though the people are doing there best to hide that its been corrupted. Now saying that how easily would the temple of the moon or anyone mistake ramus for undead or at the very least under the influence of something necrotic?

4 just wondering if ramus will start losing body parts soon if he doesn’t resolve his lack of a soul problem for example might his fingernails or hair start to fall off?

5 are loxodons special to all the temples or just the temple of the moon in particular ?

6 how are some of the members of the temple of the moon able to tell berg is divine in nature for example Sai-zay? And some are not you said last episode that its not something that is easily detected ?

7 so is teleportation magic unheard of in that its incridably rare in the court of sword?

8 Soo in DnD are fighting styles like drunken fighting a actual thing?

9 I doubt zeke did this on purpose ( but maybe he did) but do you think with just one performance yotta may have convinced a good majority or maybe the entire temple of people to forgo there vow of not drinking ?

10 So were the two people from the temple who attacked yotta trying to kil him or just trying to beat him up or just stupid drunk?

11 Were the two people that attacked yotta just pissed off that yotta monks that were mad at the performance he did?

12 If they do use the bridge would they be distancing themselves from the embers of emix or is the embers of emix spread out among the court of swords or were they just near this particular temple?

13 Do you think the people at the temple idolize yotta enough that they are willing to overlook the two deaths if he were to straight out ask for them to open the bridge if he were to explain what happend

14 Do you think if they wanted to and if the did the correct rolls the party could open the bridge themselves or is it beyond them?

15 I don’t if you want to reveal this or not but are the 2 with the flaming claw tattoo part of the embers of emix?

16 Do you think the temple will take a follower offered from the people that just killed two of there members?

(Olf_Himself) #8

Oh God that scene between Ramus and Yotta was stressful. :itmejp10:

(AdamKoebel) #9

now they are piles of ash and we’ll never know

(apepi) #10

I imagine the moon bridge looks like a mangata.

(AdamKoebel) #11

I cannot and or will not say.

(KimiNekoCat) #12

But would spirits actually turn to ash? Also could they technically be rezzed if there were still some human chunks left? Just would require paying for it.

(AdamKoebel) #13

mooooooooooooooooooooon riiiiver

(AdamKoebel) #14

Only Sai Sei knows the truth, but it’s weird and strange and probably a secret they’d pass along if they weren’t already the top of the pile.

Oh, he’s not THAT influential - he’s more like a figurehead. All the Gaja are, really. Not advisors, just special pets.

I definitely think that Sai Sei thinks Ramus and the Necromancer King are related in some way.

Nah, his is a spiritual corruption.

All temples in the Court of Swords.

Only diviners can really tell.

Absolutely! So rare as to be mythical.

Different monk subclasses are different fighting styles.

Nobody has a vow of sobriety in the temple!

The thing about burning people alive is that you never get to talk to them and find out their motivations.

Imix’s worshippers are all over the place! Spread out in the Court, so it’s not leaving them alone altogether.

It’s less about that and more that if they died picking a fight, they deserved it.

I think they could probably do it themselves with a little effort.

They are not.

(Scara29) #15

Doug’s 24 hour noodles, his twin (Douglas) does the night shift, weirdly the PC’s notice that Doug has a tattoo of a shovel on his neck whereas Douglas has no such tattoo. (Dug and Dug-less… I’ll show myself and my British Christmas Cracker puns out…)

Also Doug’s Noodles getting a small blue plaque that says “Blessed Berg Ate Here” with a small portable shrine to Berg, Doug’s Noodles going to become a big business.

This episode was great the PVP stuff was great. the match between Maharib and Yotta was great even if Yotta came out of it worse off, it was good to see. Ramus’ actions to seeing Yotta be attacked made for some fantastic interaction between the two. Poor Berg and his new cult following, OMG XD, Life of Berg.

(Scara29) #16

I appreciate a good pun :grin:

(Neibros) #17

We also desperately need an animated pixelart version of the sparring arena in the style of a fighting game background, ala

(Ventus24) #18

@AdamKoebelthis so the temple would see the 2 that died as getting what what for picking a fight and the fact they died was them getting what the deserved

but will the temple look on them not telling them about the fight and trying to get them to open the brigde as a serious offence

(philipov) #19

@AdamKoebel I was watching old Office Hours episodes recently and question 3 of episode 55 asked “How would you make D&D 5e into a goal-based reward structure?” You were pessimistic that it could be done without starting at a deeper level because just changing the reward mechanic doesn’t change the fact that most of the tools are still methods of killing.

Court of Swords switched to exactly that kind of reward system a couple months after that, and now it’s been just over a year since then. With that experience, how do feel about your previous answer? Has goal-based XP worked out mostly despite D&D, because of the nature of the show and its cast, or is there enough available in the skill system to still make it work?

After catching up on the entire city of brass arc that I had missed, I’ve now jumped into watching all the Burning Wheel Series 3 episodes I missed, and the juxtaposition of those two has made me think that Court of Swords would make a fantastic Burning Wheel setting. Do you think the two could work out of the box, or are there any additional mechanics or lifepaths you’d add to support the court of swords setting specifically? The wheel has started turning in my head, and I’m itching to start exactly this kind of game.

(phobiarg) #20

Dan’s RP this episode was some of the best I have seen since CoS started. As usual, it happened to be with Zeke. Zeke seems to facilitate the best RP scenes.

(SoCutey) #21

@AdamKoebel So I saw in the fight against Yotta Zo that Maharib had +11 to hit and I just couldn’t figure out where he got that last +1 from… He has 20 strength (+5) and is level 10 with respect to proficiency (+4) and he has a +1 magic sword which in total adds up to a +10 to hit.

I don’t know of any goliath or fighter ability that gives bonuses to attack on great weapons and I don’t know any feats that give bonuses to attack that he could have. Am I crazy here? Where did I do a wrong calculation?