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[COURT OF SWORDS // E94 // Q&A] Heaven's Little Games


(AdamKoebel) #1

welcome to Bac Nha, everyone!

(Ventus24) #2

I missed the last episode and was going to watch it today but CoS happened early this week so some of these qustions might have been answered last episode.
ok so lets get started

1 so ignore this if it was answered in the episode BUT what is the Goliath race are they gaints or related to them or are they completely different?
2 also is and I just thought of this is the goliath race the race of people that sealed that demon and the bell away

3 again ignore if it was answered in the episode what is the Lexodon race

4 do you think traveling with a divine/blessed being like berg is helping slow ramus’s condition or unintentially provoked it to get even worse

5 since berg is both a divine/blessed being and in the heavily corrupted court of swords to the dark beings that now live there and are disguised is berg like someone holding a lit flare in a cave in that its near impossible for the dark forces not to notice him

6 soo if I remember correctly when berg fell out of heaven and the party first encountered him again they all had to make rolls to see if they saw berg in his new divine body or fell for the illusion of his old body which they all failed is this a special Ox or are animals more attuned to the heavenly realm OR did berg subconsciously use some kind of divine commandment to make the Ox show respect?

7 isnt Emix angis imprisoned brother? and if he is then wouldn’t he be like agni that not a god but a demi old god that was created by his father or did Emix side with heaven and become one of the gods ? and somehow got imprisoned by the rock gnomes at some point. Also did berg ever tell the party the general location of where Emix was imprisoned or did ramus find out by some other means?

8 also if Emix isn’t a god and was imprisoned all tis time how is he still so well known

(KimiNekoCat) #3

So is Maharib against all dragons or just the fire ones?

(morharna) #4

Just to drop the one I was missing. Orc Jesus bringer of noodles

(AdamKoebel) #5


(AdamKoebel) #6

I suppose we’ll need to wait and find out!

(Scara29) #7

Another great episode, looking forward to the next one.

Doug’s Noodles: The breakfast noodles have an egg on them and are served until 11am, the lunch noodles have vegetables, at 6pm it switches to dinner noodles that have some chicken on them.

@AdamKoebel Is there going to be another Fortune Reading now that berg has joined/rejoined the party?

(Twitch: k0jak) #8

Based on Max’s comment, I’m really tempted to dig through this 107-page document detailing the CPI methodology to try to approximate gold to dollars.

(AdamKoebel) #9

We don’t know much about them, yet, but we’ve seen their ancestors on the show before…

Zeke and I talk about that a bunch here:

So, Max didn’t take the divine presence thing in his love letter, so the fact that he is blessed is very much subtle and not something people can pick up on or be affected by directly.

Niu Niu, as an animal, responded instinctively to the divine presence before him!

Imix and Agni are facets of Fire, the divine essence of flame - Agni is a more specific iteration of fire (the forge) than Imix and as a result, personified as a “child” to Imix’s “parent” aspect.

Imix is fire. He’s an ancient and elder power that suffuses the human subconscious!

(AdamKoebel) #10

I’m so hungry, damn you. Also that’s up to the Party!

(Scara29) #11

Sorry for making you hungry Adam. All the noodle talk has me craving ramen too, may we both obtain noodle goodness soon.

Ah ok, cool. Will watch this space and see what the party decides to do.

(Plan_A_Has_Failed) #12

I’m almost sad we’ll never get to see Maharib and Kalimat interact, but I’m really liking him as a character so far.

If I’m reading things between the lines correctly, it seems that Ramus wants to pull the ultimate Tower Move and burn Heaven to the ground. Not sure if that includes killing the gods and toppling their thrones as well… but it probably does, and I really want to see him pull it off… or fail spectacularly, either is good.

This puts him directly at odds with Berg (and possibly Yotta?) unless Berg’s loyalty to his friend is greater than his obligation to Heaven.

(AdamKoebel) #13

hey friends can y’all do me a favour? i need a quick set of bullet points that say what happened this session! i’m doing a thing. halp!

(Scara29) #14
  • Berg secured expensive lodgings for the group
  • Ramus, Mararib and Yotta travel with Niuniu from the border towards the city where Berg is. On the way they find a pit being circled by carrion birds, in the pit are 12 dead bodies with heads, hands and feet removed, all covered in lime
  • Berg finds Doug’s Noodle stand and eats some noodles
  • Ramus signals for Berg to come meet them
  • Introductions between the group upon Berg’s arrival at the outskirts of the city
  • Berg shows the rest of the party to the lodgings he has found
  • Mararib finds a farmer to look after Niuniu
  • Yotta pretends to sleep and is privvy to conversations that happen
  • Conversation between Ramus and Berg mentioning Imix, Agni and the need for a cure to Ramus’ condition which is getting worse and he doesn’t have much time left
  • Berg goes to sleep
  • Mararib returns to see Ramus staring into the fire, they briefly discuss about the Old Gods, Maraib mentions Imix and that his people believe more in the Old Gods than the Arcana, he also mentions that he is from the Mountains
  • Mararib goes to sleep
  • Ramus stays awake a while longer and then lies down to an uneasy rest
  • Yotta gets up and tiptoes over to Mararib and wakes him. Yotta informs Mararib that he knows roughly who is and knows about his sword
  • Mararib says that he has been entrusted by his clan to find Imix and stop him from waking the sleeping red dragons or if the dragons are awakened to deal with them
  • Yotta bids Maraib goodnight and they both go to sleep
  • In the morning Mararib leaves the building to find a Monk from the Moon temple waiting outside wishing to seek audience with the Gaja. After some persuasion of a purse of coins Mararib does reveal that the Gaja is indeed in the building and that he travels with him
  • The Monk waits to see if the Gaja emerges from the building
  • Mararib gives the purse of 20 gold coins to a random child who runs off life changed if they can stay alive and put the coin to use. Mararib continues off into the city to conduct his business
  • Berg and Ramus wake up
  • Berg thinks about trying to contact Agni, he focuses but nothing happens. Ramus asks what Berg is doing as he looks deep in thought, when Berg explains, Ramus wonders why he hasn’t thought of trying to do that himself to contact the Old Gods and asks Berg to go fetch some wood for a fire
  • Berg leaves to buy wood and is questioned by the Moon Monk, Berg reveals nothing but does have a simple conversation with the Monk, then leaves the Monk to wait and heads off to buy wood
  • Yotta wakes and heads out to try to find somewhere to get breakfast, he sees the Monk deep in thought and approaches him, surprising the Monk
  • The Monk invites Yotta to come with him to the Moon temple to bless it and meet with the Abbot
  • Yotta accepts and the episode ends with a shot of the Moon temple sitting on the side of the mountain over the city

(SpoonIsTooBig) #15

Without looking at the VOD, I remember:

  • headless corpse party
  • arrival to the city and clash of big boys
  • maharib leaving Niuniu in farmer’s hands
  • emotional berg/ramus moment
  • maharib selling out yotta
  • maharib giving money to the random poor kid
  • talking in the night (stealthy elephant)
  • beggar spying on the party (really looking forward to one of them spotting the beggar eventually)
  • monk taking yotta to the moon

(Point1985) #16

Feet were not removed! otherwise a pretty detailed summation of the episode!

(Scara29) #17

I forgot about the spying beggar, knew there was something I’d missed! Didn’t do bad for typing that at 4am.

(Scara29) #18

Were they not? I must have misheard about discussion of extremities and assumed both hands and feet.

Thank you. Though I missed the spying beggar, however SpoonisTooBig remembered and put that in their list.

(CyborgSama) #19

@AdamKoebel Doug should be handsomely advertised now that a Gaja has eaten at his noodle place.

“Doug’s Blessed Noudles, blessed by the Gaja, blessed by the hammer of heaven!”

Thanks for the spell check responce for elephant race on twitter Adam ^^

(phobiarg) #20

@AdamKoebel quick question, is there any chance we’ll see another “lair” type encounter like the failed experiment in the future?