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[COURT OF SWORDS // E80 // Q&A] Out of the Drawer


(AdamKoebel) #21

Heaven’s rule, the Court systems and all the modern contrivances of reality are built on the fourfold rule - there are four courts, four rulers for each and four districts of heaven, etc. In nature and leavings from the primordial world we know that there is a fifth season and a fifth alignment - an element intentionally shunned or avoided by Heaven. Whether the Void Child is a thing that exists as a crack in the system entire or just this particular case is hard to say. It’s clear that Void is a thing Heaven is trying very hard to ignore or be rid of.

(AdamKoebel) #22

The beginning half is Extremely Fucking D&D

(Calienes) #23

@AdamKoebel I have to say great ep as usual. On the topic of Berg and what he is becoming. I cant get the image of Tyrael from Diablo out of my head but as a Orc. I picture him as a older wiser Orc. All white hair no physical damage. But with this divine glow and presence about him. Would be so flipin cool. Make it so…

Please :slight_smile:

P.S - An amazing flavor idea. When Berg activates his hammer his appearance could change to show him in heavenly armor and shroud his appearance in a heavenly glow. (No actual effect just a cool thing) idk mayb im just silly

(profnesbitt) #24

The next time I hear or read about a DM saying it’s too hard to challenge your players with “mundane” challenges at higher levels I’m linking them the first half of this episode. That “encounter” was a masterclass on how you can drain your players resources without using a combat.

(Twitch: fifthgear) #25

@AdamKoebel What solution did you have in mind for the players to get the key out. I’m guessing you didnt anticipate it taking close to an hour to solve

(AdamKoebel) #26

I had no solution in mind. Only a problem for them to solve.

(Calienes) #27

I really love how CoS shows how much DnD can be player driven stories and not story driven players. There is not 1 main quest that ur forced to follow and its so cool bcuz like when u take a step back and look at it how u would do it or if this was a video game and u the viewer are in control. All the parts where the cast take long time to progress forward im sitting there like cmon get thru i wanna see the next part but thats like watching a movie or show perspective. If u look at it like ur watching a game im like ya id get stuck here to and want to investigate this thing and that thing and o what does this do. So i also like that they arent rushing anything.

@AdamKoebel do u or have u put thread for players to pull on that actually dont lead anywhere or mean anything? If yes, why? If no, why not?

I know as gamers we hate when this specific thing happens in a game. Im just curious of this is something meant to throw players off momentarily or if every thread u put in wether it has at the moment or have it planned out something actually behind it.

(blazeterror4) #28

Curious as to which god/God’s Hassan has been helping is it the same God that Berg is now tasked to “remove from power.” As well is the God that split hassan’s soul the same God that split ramus’ and his soul. So many questions to ask. Overall how are the storylines going to meet.

(sythmaster) #29

Why is this not a version of D&D yet?

"What's your favorite version of D&D to play?" "EFD&D" "EF?" "Extremely Fucking D&D!"

(Olf_Himself) #30

I hope whatever happens in the next arc, barring taking care of the Necromancer King, they go to the last Court they haven’t been to. IIRC it’s an archipelago? That would be sweet.
Dragons hiding among the islands?

(profnesbitt) #31

I doubt it but I would love to see that area too. If Ramus doesn’t get his soul back before they leave the city they will be headed towards Court of Swords to use Kukrits key to “heaven”? The path might take them through the valley trying to find Agni’s brother. There was a corrupted dragon there so that could easily lead into information for Kalimat.

I will say if JP and Adam wanted to do a rebrand of the show so it didn’t look so cumbersome to get into, after they finish this arc might be a good time. That or they can wait until the PCs inevitably accidentally destroy the other two courts haha.

(Scara29) #32

It was a delight to watch and just like always I can’t wait for the next episode :smiley:

(Sneakypooo) #33

So the mass of that key kinda “bothered” me so I had to do some investigating. Hey, it’s Saturday, what else am I gonna do? Be productive? Pfff…

Ignoring what a terrible material lead would be for a key given how soft it is I looked up a picture of an old timey ornate key and did a rough model of it. I then scaled it so that a ~180cm/6foot person (not sure about the height of the characters) would reach about half way up one of the teeth of the key as in the sketch.

Going by that and the mass of lead we end up with a key that weighs roughly 1800 metric tons or about 90% of the launch mass of the space shuttle (according to Wolfram alpha).

I don’t think even Big Berg would stand a chance against that :smiley:

(mr_tarrasque1) #34

It should also be noted that metals lose almost all structural integrity long before it melts. This is my favorite video that demonstrates this in action.

Obviously tungsten might be an example that proves the exception to the rule, but this certainly happens with aluminium, copper, steel, and iron from what I’ve seen as they all lose structural integrity at that range. There are many other metals that also would do the same, but those are the most common I can think off the top of my head.

(Twitch: eyearcana) #35

It’s a game dude.

(ZHermZ) #36

Consider your question answered.