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[COURT OF SWORDS // E74 Q&A] Hell Lives in the Lower City


(Twitch: eyearcana) #21

Monster Slayer makes more sense.

(Monstercloud1) #22

If he was a Monster Slayer, he could of been using his bonus action for “Slayer’s Prey” and be getting 1d6 on the first attack hit. Horizon Walker… maybe? It’s thematically appropriate, and a utility boon to the party, but I’m not sure that JP would be against doing an additional 1d8 every round just to keep a mystery going.

If he is a Ranger, my best guess would be Gloom Stalker, as that does give Darkvision, and that’s always been a bit of a thorn in his (and the viewers) side. There’s also the benefit to effectively being invisible in darkness vs enemies (and allies?) that rely on darkvision. On top of all that, he has proficiency in Wisdom saving throws too, one of the worst saves to fail.

A rule to go by - failed Dexterity (Reflex) hurts you, failed Constitution kills you, failed Wisdom (Will) kills everyone else.

(apepi) #23

Some things are really making me think. What would happen if they let Ramus’ soul reincarnate. His older physical body is still alive, yet his soul would go into a new person? How would this work? What would happen if they let it?

(Possibly Batman) #24

Hmm, JP has a fighting style (he mentions he should have been rolling a +9 instead of a +7). So Archer Fighting style for +2 with his longbow. This means it is probably a Ranger or Fighter archetype. Narrowed it down by 1 :itmejplol:

(Woadwise) #25

What playable races, if any, don’t exist in the CoS universe? I am beginning to work on some basics for a campaign. Would you think that Golaiths may be out there somewhere?

(Monstercloud1) #26

I probably should of pointed this out/thought of this too - Arcane Archer works off of Int for his arrows’ DCs. That means his DC’s would be 13 (8+3+2). All but one of the arrows has a DC roll in some form, which while the arrows have different saves across the arrows, is still very low.

While he has the same ability score for wisdom, there’s plenty of spell options for Rangers that don’y rely on DCs to be useful (Pass Without Trace for example). I also think this frees up his ASIs for maxing dex/feats instead of increasing an arcane arrow DC by 1.

(profnesbitt) #27

@AdamKoebel @itmeJP
Watching the post show video made me think is there any chance in the future of you doing a short Q and A with the whole cast in place of the post show one episode? It could be done the way you do Q and As now where the questions are submitted earlier in the week and you just record you guys answering some of them. I know there wouldn’t be able to be questions from the most recent episode but it would still be nice to be able to have Dan and Max to answer some character questions. Anyway love the show real excited to see the venture into the darker parts of the city.

(corran1189) #28

Well we figured out what the hermit was from the reading. Sali’s demise.

(TheDesec) #29

:itmejpgmleft::adamgm::itmejpgmright: 1:36:04 be like what?

Kali: Hello there! […]
Dwarf: Not even a HELLO?


(TwilightBorealis) #30

He just used the wrong dwarven greeting. They both translate to “hello” in common, but dwarves have many words of greeting, as they do swears, descriptions of craftwork, and requests for booze. So Kali used the wrong one, and then corrected himself.

…or something like that.