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[COURT OF SWORDS // E71 Q&A] A Strange Tingle


(AdamKoebel) #1

reach out and touch faith

(Overboard9) #2

Are there ways to become a god in the court of swords universe? I know the wizard tried to become one and we do not know if he succeeded or not, but what about if the cults worships berg so much that he becomes a god/higher being cause of their faith in him? Are there are different types of common? so is Maude’s language just a very distorted common? Also Zeke should buy a pan-flute in real live and learn how to play a tune for each of his spells whenever he wants to cast them.

(shellbell02) #3

@AdamKoebel do all sun priests get “how to be shrill” training?

(TwilightBorealis) #4

Props to @DansGaming for being on top of his CoS theology. Really great to see how well he understands the Arcana and can explain it in character.

(ZHermZ) #5

Arghh!!! I’m so confused as to what Tulpa is? Is he a Silver Farang? Or a castaway who wants power all to himself?

Also can’t wait to see the Old vs New Gods and how it’s all up to the group to save everything.

I mean what could go wrong by releasing an all powerful black mamba sleeping snake deity. :wink:

Great episode guys. Keep it up.

(Partor6) #6

I actually really love Dan’s theory that none of the Farang actually has a physical form, and they possess other life forms and mechs. Hope that’s the case.

(Scara29) #7

Utrix spectacularly failed at becoming a God, Berg smashed the cube holding Utrix’s soul and it whooshed back off to Heaven, I believe Hassan commented on it saying that for such actions and for having already removed himself from the Wheel in being a Sahir that Utrix’s soul would be spending the next 1000 years or so as a slug.

(apepi) #8

Has anyone ever walked in the path of all the Arcana in one life time?

(ZHermZ) #9

It would make sense. Remember the episode where they ran into the pyramid underground and the party cam across a CONTSTRUCT (which Snidgey boy barfed at)? That was for the Silver Farang. Maybe even more of a hint towards this theory…?

(Overboard9) #10

I completely forgot about that, but I still wonder if someone believes very strongly and worships berg, would he become some kind of higher being, like he gets a power boost or something from their belief

(Scara29) #11

It would certainly be interesting to see what happens on that front with Berg’s soul, though with Tulpa attached to it I think the chances of Berg being elevated to God-hood is slim as one ounce of any sort of divine heavenly power and BOOM… apocalypse of the universe.

(snip_cz) #12

Cool episode as always, gentlemen! :itmejptip:

Adam, can you reveal or hint: Is the sleeping “old god” under the city a tie in to the Nakana Ino’s snake god or even the primordial arc (Mt. Parwat)? :itmejpexcite:

Also while on the topic of gods… Do Farang have any sort of religion as well?
Cheers! :strawberry:

(Scara29) #13

I was just about to ask about the snake god too. Did I hear right in this episode that Hassan said he watched a sleeping primordial god called the Nightsnake?

Also isn’t Kali’s new rogue dagger called “Gift of the Nightsnake”?

(Overboard9) #14

was mt. parwat the one that was taken over by the river goddess?

(snip_cz) #15

Hassan did talk about the old god, but I must have missed the Nightsnake part, doesn’t ring a bell.

@Overboard9: Yep, that’s the one. :itmejpgg: If I recall, Erin’s character sacrificed herself in the final confrontation with it to “keep it contained” or defeat it.

(Overboard9) #16

I believe it was held back long enough so that they could get out and not be taken by the flood. and there was a war after that so I do not believe that she remained sealed. but could have been sealed at the end of the war, before the court was made

(ZHermZ) #17

Oh my god. If so…
HOly shit

(snip_cz) #18

Yeah good point. In any case, that was hundreds if not thousands of years in the past, so this could be possibly some manifestation of these deities, sleeping soundly beneath the civilization … for now :grimacing:

(Overboard9) #19

technically as time passed her river could have moved underground and the nightsnake god encroached on her territory and made the plains into a desert maybe, it is a large desert

(snip_cz) #20

Oh, you just inspired me into a mind-blown thought - what if this river goddess has indeed moved underground over time and the ley lines are actually the manifestation of this river, sort of her influence spreading throughout the ages underneath the world. Would be an interesting scenario. :itmejpwtf: