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[COURT OF SWORDS // E67 // Q&A] The Heavy Hand of Justice


(ZHermZ) #61

Budum Tsss

(profnesbitt) #62

They do still have group goals/missions they get exp for if they complete. When and if they ever get around to revisiting inanna they might get exp for attempting to complete her quest.

(profnesbitt) #63

Damn those cosmetic loot boxes that don’t affect gameplay even d&d has those now. If Max spends $4.99 will his arm then do more damage in order to give him a sense of pride and accomplishment? That way he doesn’t have to waste time farming missions for Agni haha.

(DesmondDentresti) #64

I like that the assumption of Ramus is, of course, that he was so awesome that he single-handedly talked the whole fort into nihilism. :stuck_out_tongue:
I am excited for Adam’s eventual interpretation of indecision, the Farang kinda win, the Mara kinda win, the Immortals kinda win, Heaven kinda wins… If the weight of this sinking ship doesnt shift to any one side, seeing it sink level will be quite the sight.

(AdamKoebel) #65

The City of Brass, at this rate, is going to end up a weird interzone of demonic influence, Farang control and those too stubborn or entrenched staying to fight on as a sort of resistance movement in the ruins.

(Twitch: SageOfTheWood) #66

I really loved this episode, the RP of this show continues to be next level. I especially loved the amount of insight checks that the party used, which allowed us to know a bit more about how all of the NPC’s are thinking. I’ve seen too many games where the either the players or the GM forgets that the skill exists, and it never really gets used, which I find a shame, since it promotes better RP.

Dan especially continues to shine week after week. That’s not to say that anybody else is not doing an amazing job (every PC had really great scenes this ep), but he’s really been knocking it out of the park recently. Something I’m not sure anybody has brought up was that when Adam asked how Ramus had originally imprisoned, Dan gave the exact same story that he did when the character was first introduced back in Season 2, which I found impressive. Its been a long while since Ramus’s first episode, and it would have been totally justifiable for him to forget, so I found the consistency kind of impressive, even if he might have it written down somewhere.

One other thing I realized during the show was that, since Ramus no longer has a soul, he technically doesn’t have an alignment anymore? His character is literally the first unaligned person in the setting, which I think makes his slight shift in personality since finding out nothing he does matters all the more interesting.

(apepi) #67

The interview scene reminded me of Persona 5 with the person bringing back all the past shit

That made me think that Utrix’s Plane was just his mind palace with Inanna opening it up for them. They break through his shit. Then they open up an evil living in it that Utrix’s feared, which allows them to take his treasure(his soul), then they just destroy it.

(apepi) #68

Yeah Dan has just gone above and beyond rp wise. And I feel like the other players are taking notes and then doing awesome themselves.

I think Dan was a. Fire alignment back then? I can’t remember.

(Twitch: SageOfTheWood) #69

Him being fire would make sense, given his personality and the fact that he originally worshiped the Sun. Earth could also make some sense for his personality, but I’m pretty sure he wasn’t Earth. Doesn’t matter now though, since his alignment is tied to the soul he doesn’t have anymore. Adam described alignment this episode as the way a person’s soul generally wanted to act and exist, so I think someone without a soul would be free from the influence of their alignment.

(apepi) #70

And is Berg Earth? Then we would have one of each…(besides that wierd one).

I am not sure if he still has his alignment or not. I know we talked about alignment staying the same for the soul and it never being able to change, besides maybe getting oblivioned by the Fountain or Utrix’s thing(I kind of wished that would have happened to see what it did…)?

(TwilightBorealis) #71

Berg is water. Ramus was fire.

(FenwickTT) #72

I think they were murdered and fed to our heroes.

(Olf_Himself) #73

On the next episode of Court of Swords…

(Zectorman) #74

So how many episodes until someone kills Sali? Man is off his rocker for sure. I’m surprised Berg hasn’t strangled the life outta him yet. And honestly his obtuseness is grating XD Well done by JP for sure to show that he is loosing his mind, maybe seeing that Angel of the Tower really did set a few more screws loose and then seeing a Mara take a soul away…

(profnesbitt) #75

I’m loving the direction Sali is going it makes for great viewing. My one issue is his tendency to just saying the pure logic statements with no regards to reading the crowd or how it will affect others. He’s portrayed as the stereotypical high int low wisdom or high int low charisma wizard but Sali is neither of those I believe he is above average in both. That being said I prefer The way jp is playing Sali it makes for more entertainment than playing him as well rounded as his stats indicate.

(Twitch: SageOfTheWood) #76

I’m pretty sure Sali’s personality is entirely intentional on JP’s part. The players don’t always have RP according to their stats. To me, that seems like it’d be really restrictive and boring. If they want to play that way, like Max is with Berg, that’s fine, but finding fault with a player not doing so seems silly. JP has recently stated that he finally feels like he’s found who Sali “is” and his recent behavior is probably a reaction to that. Adam has put JP almost entirely in charge of the culture and lore regarding Tortles, and JP seems to have established that Sali’s behavior is completely normal for his culture, and I find the clash between this and the other PC’s perspectives interesting.

(TheJeroenBrouwer) #77

Someone reprimand me. Thought id play The Witcher 3 again, just casual gameplay. Suddenly im 100 hours in, am a Gwent pro and i missed 2 CoS shows…

(profnesbitt) #78

Yea I’m all onboard with the direction sali is taken and I’ve never felt players should be forced to play to their stats they should play the character they want to play. I thought in the past theyed mentioned playing to their stats and the way max plays berg seems to show it that’s the only reason I mentioned it. I didn’t mean to come across as harsh as I did. I love all their rp.

(Twitch: fifthgear) #79

@AdamKoebel I know i’m late to the party on this episode, but wouldn’t it make more sense for the priests of justice to have used the spell Zone of Truth when interrogating Berg? Or are they not actually interested in the truth because he’s an orc, and just want to give out justice based on whats best for the faction and or based on their own beliefs.

(AdamKoebel) #80

This answer here.