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[COURT OF SWORDS // E67 // Q&A] The Heavy Hand of Justice


(AdamKoebel) #1

Justice today, Judgement tomorrow?

(ZHermZ) #2

But… What about the bag?

Great episode. I loved the tension.
Ramus’s interrogation? Amazing.
Berg’s interrogation? Y i k e s.
Sali’s assholiness? o o f.
Kalimat’s real talk? mad respek.

Loved everything. Fucking great.

Also loved that hint of the Court of Cups. Possible place for next arc?

(Mr_Undergr0und) #3

Did the bag kill all the guards?

(Possibly Batman) #4

Where do you think all the guards went? :smiley:

(Twitch: no742617000027) #5

The guards wanted to be efficient and put all their gear in that useful Bag of Holding so they just had to store that :smirk:

(dutrockbridge) #6

Disney World!!

(profnesbitt) #7

Do you have a plan for when Berg eventually punches someone with his lava arm or are you going to play it by ear?

(TwilightBorealis) #8

I really liked the reading. Could mean the end of Tulpa, Sali, or Maud. I like the Tulpa interpretation the most, since it fits the last two cards. Great stuff as always.

(sin314) #9
  1. Either food for the Mara
  2. Or food for the Bag
    honestly I also think it could be the tower, but nah…

(too_angry) #10

Isnt a bracer only able to be placed on someone because of their bad karma?
If so, ramus cant have a bracer put on him, since he doesnt accumulate any karma at all.
(Excuse my rough use of the karma)

(sin314) #11

why is Berg never utilizing his new arm… it has me very curious…

(DominarRygel) #12

Why haven’t we revisited the farang ? I feel like they have been absent… I hope they are the actual reason for the current situation… For a force attacking a city they certainly haven’t been very proactive.

Loving everything going on by the way!

(dutrockbridge) #13

@AdamKoebel Great show as always. Is it fair to say you used persuasion during the interrogations to keep the rolls in the players hands. If the rolls had been reversed, I would assume the characters would have made insights checks with potentially a opposed persuade check.

I bring this up because I’m curious. Do you prefer to keep the rolls in the hands of the players, and are there other examples off the top of your head where you may chose this approach to keep the players as the critical rolls and not NPCs?

Thanks for the epic stories and gaming insights as always.

(ZHermZ) #14

Not entirely. Adam explained the way the bracer worked when it was put on the Demon in the previous episode. I know it has something to do with disobedience or like purposefully choosing wrong? I can’t remember.

Also I don’t think it’d be a good idea to experiment.

(Possibly Batman) #15

The city is a large place. The Farang are still attacking and taking over even if the party is in relative safety in jail

(TwilightBorealis) #16

I mentioned this briefly in chat too, but since the roll Ramus used to impress the interrogators used guidance, and guidance is magic, Ramus did impress someone with his magic. Not sure if it should count as a completed goal, but should nab him partial credit in my opinion.

(ratzuka) #17

Hows the biology of the stone arm work with exhaustion? how does a magic arm fueled by the fires of a plane work? ass berg get more energy back will the arm maybe exhibit signs of also doing the same?

(ZHermZ) #18

knock knock open up the door pt. 2 coming soon.

(DominarRygel) #19

but they did traverse going to the tower and back already… and only encountered mara problems… but i guess it could be like was suggested (mara teaming up with farang)…

not to mention no more of the sahir involvement though definitely a possible adam ‘front’.

(grahamtugwell) #20

Loved the reappearance of the[spoiler] Black Lotus[/spoiler] tonight. Of all the things that could have returned, I never would have guessed that. I get chills when details get pulled together like that.