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[Court of Swords E22 Q&A] Hail to the King, Baby


(Ghazghkul) #22

Why would Azriel stay with Berg now that Raziel and Volnach are dead?

How the heck is JP's new character going to want to party up with Azriel and Berg?

Day9 was an amazing guest. I hope the next guest changes the show's dynamic in a dramatic way like Geoff's and Day9's characters.

(TheJuice84) #23

Wow, what an ending. I was totally convinced we had another TPK on our hands here. So glad Berg was one of the survivors, just a shame Azure didn't make it too. With there being legit resurrection in this world, is there any way she could be brought back if they found her body? I guess if they can't, it gives Berg some more backstory which is also a good thing.

(Mhurgle) #24

So, what was that whole scene with Raziel's Afterlife thing, it was very interesting.
Sounded also very omnious, is Raziel's eternal spark lost to the Void?

Also the Gnome King with 1 hp / 24 AC was a ridicolous thing, great.

(ares2890) #25

I for one, would like to congratulate you Mr. Koebel, on designing a dungeon that would make even Steven "Kill em' All" Lumpkin blush at it's sadism and ability to eviscerate PCs. Mad props on a well run game.

(Twitch: xRandomYo) #26

Adam you glorious bastard that was incredible. Shame Azure didn't get a chance to roll death saves but It did add to the story. Really looking forward to the next arc of the story.

(MystraTV) #27

Thank you Adam for a great campaign, thank you guys for great night (for me) entertainment! Great show, much love. Was Azure Vortex'es death planned, i mean i don't really see the logic of running into giant space marine with 1 hp and fists, and why did she was so mean to JP's character, her last words was not so kind? :slight_smile:

(TheOgreSmash) #28

Great episode, happy to see this arc come to a close in a good way for once.

To JP, however much you want to answer - what don't we know about Raziel? Anything cool you had in the works that didn't happen because of his untimely end? Also, Raziel really reminded me of Banon from OG RollPlay where he didn't really have the party's best interests at heart. Did you feel like Raziel would have eventually betrayed the party the way Banon did?

To Adam: I imagine the forest gnomes are turning into a front now that Day9 is leaving the show, but Persnidgetron will most likely be joining them in a leadership fashion. Is it possible Day9 can be included in some kind of off-show decision making in that regard?

(Dementepingu) #29

Adam did a great job describing the rock Gnome king. Got the idea that he was super high ac but super low hp from the wizened old man in the giant mech image.

(SoberCreativity) #30

*To Cast Members of Swords....

Who would you like to see guest on swords next or one day?

(Monstercloud1) #31

Man that was.... a long arc. It was good though, going to miss Day9's antics and humor Anyways, I have a bit of a bugbear with Multiattack should be addressed.

[Rules Lawyer Activate]

Now, under Multiattack section in the Monster Manual, it says "A creature that can make multiple attacks on its turn has the Multiattack ability" The important part is emphasized. When it's no longer the manticore's turn, the manticore loses the additional attacks. It makes sense when you consider the second part of the Multitack rule, "A creature can't use Multiattack when making an opportunity attack, which must be a single melee attack." or else the work around of that rule could be, "I ready an action that, If they move, I multiattack"

All classes that get extra attack have similar wording. "Beginning at Xth leveI, you can attack twice, instead of once, whenever you take the Attack action on your turn"

(thyL) #32

Just to make sure, Berg still has his shackles, right? Poor guy.

Great episode guys, no actually, great episodes! It was a blast to get to see Day9's humor paired with this campaign and the more characters die, the more I appreciate Berg staying alive. 8)

Regarding the loot, Adam, one question: How expensive is stuff in this world? The party or what's left of it got several thousands of GP now (if the gnomes don't take like half to rebuild or something), but how much is that actually?
Could they buy Berg freedom (maybe with the elephant statue? Could they buy horses and new equipment for all 3 characters? Not to get too specific, I just wonder how expensive e.g. armor and weapons are.

(Zandivya) #33

@AdamKoebel This isn't so much a question as an idea.

I was watching Office Hours today (Adam's super cool show about how to GM) and thinking that it would be interesting to hear you explain your reasoning as you GM a session. Of course that would be distracting and unreasonable. However! Maybe you could do a sort of director's commentary sort of thing for one of these sessions and upload it for Patreon supporters?

For example I would be interested to hear how you decided to shape the gnome npcs as the players started to interrogate them and what clues to leave in the cell to mess with JP.

(Liefington) #34


Also wtf JP?

(Vantrasa) #35

@itmejp do you regret the decision to have everyone crash the site?:itmejpgmleft::itmejpgmlol::itmejpgmright:

(Gert_julius) #36

Hi, guys! Absolutely amazing wrap of Sean's arc! I was expecting the Rock Gnome King to be frail when he was wearing power armour, but I teared up laughing when Azriel hit that 8 dmg. Truly a memorable experience.
Great job as always @AdamKoebel! Question: Seeing as your philosophy when it comes to consequences for PCs has been that there are far worse things than death, is the CoS setting and difficulty a response/juxtaposition to your other campaigns, or is it to make the world/setting take priority and focus?
Considering the name of SS, that show was about the crew of the ship though that was somewhat interchangeable, and Mirrorshade and NB seem to be more about the tone I'd really like to see even more of the world of CoS.

(Paddywan61) #37

That episode was amazing, to have the first part happen so well and still get the quest finished in such style, Adam you are a storytelling Savant.

I asked this mechanics question in chat, perhaps I'm missing something (I hope I am I'm not a fan of the rules as I understand them).

What is the correct rule for moving through allies?

The sections in quest are as follows:
PHP 190 under Difficult Terrain - "The space of another creature, whether hostile or not, also counts as difficult terrain"
PHP 191 under Moving Around Other Creatures - "Remember that another creature's space is difficult terrain for you"

The section above 191 which states "You can move through a nonhostile creature's space", doesn't seem to override either of the other two sections.

I looked to see a source for a potential house change or previous question but couldn't find one, hopefully you can clarify things. I have a campaign with some tight encounters coming up so knowing one way or the other would be very helpful.

(AdamKoebel) #39

this was definitely my intent

(AdamKoebel) #40

i've been using this.

(Hangfish) #41

You are a merciful Kobold. I praise thee! Azure is the only one who deserves Berg's heart.

(Appaomega) #42