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[Court of Swords ~ E18 Q&A] Koebel's Angels


(ToJ0) #21

So the whole situation in the bar with the bandits reminded me of some optional stats within the DMG on page 265 theres the Honor stat and one of the saving throws includes "Resisting the urge to respond to goading or insults from an enemy" and given the more eastern setting would you possibly use the honor stat or possibly the sanity stat to better gauge how people deal with seeing the Mara.

(AngelCorp) #22

I'm very curious about how this is going to play out with them and the other characters. I kind of want Max to roll play two and the climax be that one is sacrificed. But their plot line seems so much different than the previous party's. I really like the character interaction in this group, and the more old comrades/divine theme from things.

Also the old deity and mara and Wheel relationship are super interesting. Makes me wonder if this universe is less guided by the gods of the Wheel or are something newer, or if the mara are servants of another old deity, or if the Wheel itself is actually real or just a belief system. The whole world got a lot deeper this episode, and it's neat.

Also also a minor thing but on roll twenty it's hard to see X's on things when they're dead. Idk if that's just me being color blind as shit or if it's the zoom on the map sometimes making things difficult to see.

(Stegin) #23

Thanks for the explanation. I Didnt know, how healing hands work. Maybe i just wanted to see those Assimar abilities. Anyway, it doesnt matter, you won!

(Cpt_Frey) #24

Great Episode as always, love it when you @AdamKoebel explain even small details :).
Just one thing i also mentioned on the Character Creation Episode on Patreon you accidentally gave @DansGaming full hitpoints for the first 2 levels (11 for each). He should only have 11(lvl1) + 7(lvl2) + 5 (lvl3 rolled) = 23 instead of his current 27.
It's at 23:00mins in the Patreon Video if you wanna check it for yourself.

Sadly its exactly the 4 HP you were missing to get Dan down :D.

(banned) #25

Hazan encounters I'd bet.

(Darkvlagor) #26

Now I wanna know about devils demons and shit, I bet they are just humanoïds who took too much power out of the Devil power source :itmejpgmlol:

But about angels, are they creatures closer to the sources of power ? Or are the directly agents of The Fountain (aka Heaven mayhaps) ?

(Twitch: NobelusTV) #27

Great episode! Love the chemistry with these characters and would like to see more of Volnach instead of Berg tbh. Will be great to see how long these characters hold out!

(Olf_Himself) #28

Does equipping the shield count as an action?

(Twitch: eyearcana) #29

Good catch I didn't even think of that. It takes one action, PG. 146 of the PHB. Screenshot below.

(Olf_Himself) #30

Ah, too bad. I was hoping Dan could attack with his Greatsword and still have 18AC on the enemy's turn.

Can Monks use a shield? If so then perhaps Volnach would be the better tank? He would only have 17AC but could attack and dodge in one turn as long as he had Ki Points. This would allow Azriel to go ham with his Greatsword.

(TwoToneTerran) #31

Monks are not proficient with shields. You would need to take two feats to be able to use a shield as a monk -- Light Armor Proficiency and then Medium Armor Proficiency. And it would also take away your Flurry of Blows/Martial Artist free off hand attacks, so it's doubly not good.

(morgrath6) #32

That's what I'm thinking, the Old One doesn't seem like a Mara at all, but something different, the essence of the void. My understanding is that the Mara are manifestations of the void, so if the Old One is the essence, then the Mara could either be its creations, or they could just randomly spawn as a result of its presence, like ripples on the surface of a lake when something huge moves around underneath.

(morgrath6) #33

It's not just you, the red cross is pretty faint and blends in, especially on stippled green grass backgrounds. The skull and crossbones condition icon might be better, @AdamKoebel, though that has it's own problems with the symbols being tiny at the zoom level JP uses.

(morgrath6) #34

Right, they're much better off going for an avoidance based tanking style, if they wanna try and go that route.

(morgrath6) #35

@AdamKoebel, just a clarification on the familiar (spell is on p240 in the PHB), if you use it as a proxy to cast a touch spell, you cast the spell and it uses its reaction immediately to 'deliver' the spell (which I assume means moving to the recipient/target and touching them). It sounded like you were talking about JP holding his action until the hawk's turn, then casting the spell once the hawk was touching Max, but that's backwards, so I thought I'd just let you know for future encounters.


(AdamKoebel) #36

Thanks! I appreciate that. Haven't used familiars in 5e before.

(the_pizza_party) #37

this show would be better with more wheelchairs.

(Blisz_) #38

My guess would be the mechanical Elves.