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[COURT OF SWORDS // E144 // Q&A] The Sad Story of Southern Wind


(AdamKoebel) #1

the court of swords remnant is won!

(adamkhaledbadr1) #2

That speech maan. don’t have Questions today just here to say Awesome Episode

(TwilightBorealis) #3

Praise the Sun Berg!

(philipov) #4

Deeds point for Berg!

(apepi) #5

That speech was good.

But damn Dan has gotten really good “passing it on” and giving other people space and great moments. I love it, he is kind of like assisting you as a gm.

(kingofgriffons) #6

It was really cool seeing you portray a group that were so super religious towards a particular Arcana that they actually went over into heresy. Like their devotion to the victory of the Chariot that they forgot the lessons of the Tower and used the Mara to keep a body alive. Which made it pretty ironic when Loyal Sword called Ramus a heretic.

(philipov) #7

To be fair, Ramus is a heretic.

(Zenesectling) #8

Hey @AdamKoebel I was wondering because because I took a gander several seasons back and was wondering if you can answer something for me?
How come a Beholder was seen in the Xu Lin Valley where the Rock Gnome King once was at? Weren’t they suppose to be in the Underdark realm and Far Realms? How are they even summoned to begin with?
Was that thing a fetus from the Shoggoth that acted as a syphon to the big guy in the Ethereal realm?
Will Fei hook Berg up with the hammer again or just leave him be?
Are ALL Farrang dead or are there some of them still around? Or at least Half Elves?
How are they a thing anyway?
Does this only say that the Farrang / Outsiders were around for many times?
If so how long?

(TwilightBorealis) #9

That has yet to be proven in the legal system. Wait for the trial.

(kingofgriffons) #10

Well yes, but so is Loyal Sword, the guy who was calling Ramus one. It was just a case the of the pot and kettle

(sythmaster) #11

Well… interesting. interesting. interesting. huh.

Curious if you’ll do some GM prep updating based on al that happened (and maybe figuring out how massive groups can travel?) Definitely seems like some fronts might be updated? It’s always hard to figure out how time works given some sessions are like half a day and others are weeks lol. Also, y’all mentioned felt a bit like a “mini-arc” had completed…

Not sure if Zeke will talk about this in the post show, but it’s interesting seeing how sometimes players go into like “super plan everything mode” and then like we all realize that there’s some time contraints and/or biassed people don’t care… :man_shrugging: I definitely got a bit of that “shadowrun plan shit” a bit between figuring out what to do with captian and how to present Berg. Sometimes it seems nice to try and be like “ok, you’re character would totally know the context of what you’re thinking about… and its a bit different than what I’m hearing” but That’s always kind of a hard thing to do - and you even had to do a “hard no” for a possible roll this session as well :-/

As philipov mentioned, if Max was able to get a Deeds point in this system… I definitely think it should be considered for this session. Not just due to the awesome “embodiment”, but because of how it went against his own beliefs and helped Ramus’… Regardless, it was cool to see Max use some different chops with his potrayal of Berg today!

Chat was a bit OTT with some of their thoughts on how simple it’d be to know use this army to sweep through GraveDirt’s fortifications and use the Sun Temple as the anchor point for this “new” cadre. That sounds like a terrible idea to me, and I imagine that the next few sessions will be very political in nature and test loyalties and alliances and be more about peace treaties. (So more prequel trilogy, less sequel trilogy :stuck_out_tongue: )

(0Guest) #12

One thing of note about the spell Speak With Dead - rules as written, “The spell fails if the corpse was the target of this spell within the last 10 days.” so it fails if it is cast for a second time within 10 days of another cast, otherwise there is no time limit.

It totally makes sense that in CoS it works differently due to reincarnation, just wanted to make sure that the resulting situation wasn’t due to a mis-read of the description.

Other than that, excellent work as always, getting more and more curious how the inevitable clash with Grave Dirt will pan out.

(adamkhaledbadr1) #13

was totallly a setting thing not a rule thing

(profnesbitt) #14

Damn what a good episode. I like to think Southern Wind at some point went questing for undead killing weapons and did the same thing I did in assuming the Mace of Smiting worked on undead when in fact the Mace of Disruption is the undead one and Smiting is the construct one. That has to be a relic of older Dnd because name wise it seems like they would be flipped. Or maybe it’s just me.

(TwilightBorealis) #15

I figured that Southern Wind didn’t look for magic weapons at all. He was such a great commander and had such feats on the battlefield that his weapons became magical. That’s why one is good against siege weaponry and the other cuts through the undead.

(profnesbitt) #16

Yea that seems to be more likely. I was just Mainly making a joke about the names of the mace of smiting and the mace of disruption doing the opposite of what I would think they would do.

(TheWorklessGamer) #17

Did Berg ever choose his level 16 Feat, I didn’t see it on his character sheet using the Extension. If not could he take Dual Wielder now?

(TwilightBorealis) #18

I think Max said in chat that he was going to take stat improvements.

(AdamKoebel) #19

The weapons are definitely older than Southern Wind himself, passed down to him from probably a mentor or parent. I think folks guessing that they’re enchanted because of prior heroic feats is definitely right. I think the sword is more his than the mace, and the mace is renowned for knocking down walls in some old siege or another.

Ten Pillars might know, actually!

(Typoko) #20

Listening to the episode from YT and the PCs seem to be even more dicks about things than usual. It would be nice to see them have a pause as they are screwing up a community when they just came back from screwing another one. They just come off as bullies who kick weaker people, take their lunch money and go “Huh! What 'cha gonna do about it?! Cry!? Pfh!” Hardly heroic in my eyes. :confused: