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[COURT OF SWORDS // E143 // Q&A] Amoeba Jazz


(AdamKoebel) #1


or, you know, whatever.

(TwilightBorealis) #2

If Ramus were to cast spiritual weapon, would Berg be able to pick it up in this plane? Then he would have a hammer to fight with and if he succeeds well enough maybe he could turn it into a real boy.

(AdamKoebel) #3

a little musical inspo for you:

(adamkhaledbadr1) #4

did you seriously just pull that out instantly?

(philipov) #5

Have things “gone wrong” yet?

(AdamKoebel) #6

huh weird.

(AdamKoebel) #7

suuuuuuuuuuuuuure did

(AdamKoebel) #8


(philipov) #9

Yeah, I’ve noticed that happening. You gotta make a link manually, for some reason.

(Space_Waffles) #10

You’ve mentioned before about how you really cant make horror a thing in TTRPGs. The cast seemed pretty terrified (poor Max). Does this count as horror?

(adamkhaledbadr1) #11

goddamn you are too good for this

(Zenesectling) #12

Hey @AdamKoebel I have to ask few questions because I was confused slightly. Care to answer them?
When Berg and Maharib talked, Maharib said he can fly. I looked over to his character sheet and it didn’t indicate any flight. Was that a joke?
So the thing in the Ethereal plane was a Shoggoth? Aren’t those things Eldritch?
What’s the difference between Eldritch and Mara? Aren’t they the same thing?
Were the beings that attacked Utrix’s realm Illithids or the Farrang?
Are Illithids of Eldritch kind or something else, if so what?
Are there any Githzerai in the world left or are they all left in Utrix’s realm and what about the Githyanki?
Are there any more female family members of the Imix’s family?
Has Nadi ascended to the Heavenly plane or did she stay? Does she have any family members?

(Bgriffs) #13

Berg’s about to have a really tough time if they actually have to fight this thing. RAMUS, PULL THE DAMN CORD!

(philipov) #14

Eldritch are old gods stuff, from before Heaven was even a thing. The Mara are just anti-heaven brats compared to them.

(TwilightBorealis) #15

Fly is on Maharib’s spell list, under 3) Slots.

(AdamKoebel) #16

hah yeah i mean i can do “scary things” but horror requires helplessness, and D&D doesn’t do that well. what I CAN do is creep out the audience though…

(philipov) #17

Because the Audience is helpless :smiley:

(AdamKoebel) #18

hell yes on both counts

verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry different

I can’t really answer these without big spoils, but Illithids are not what you think in this game.

There are both!


(sythmaster) #19

Nice episode, great like soft moves the whole time. haha, your description of the ethereal plane and being “forgot” was really cool! definitley caught it and thought it very interesting for how the ethereal plane works in the The World’s cosmos.

Also, the end really made me think about that movie “The Void” which you saw in a recent Trailer Time. Very similiar vibes, still highly recommend if you got time!

(adamkhaledbadr1) #20

since you forgot it in the Post Show. Was me thinking there was a connection between the flute and the bell yesterday right?