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[COURT OF SWORDS // E140B // Q&A] The Maharib One-Shot


(AdamKoebel) #1

What we learned in the darkness…

(ratzuka) #2

Compared to last time a player did a class change, berg going from berzerker to zealot, what do you think are the big changes from doing a subclass change to doing a big class change. And how do you feel about it?
i remeber reading you liked doing the berg change.

(Bgriffs) #3

Will Maharib have an option to take on a new name as his new monkly self? Would be an interesting thing to signify all the things he went through during his hell in a cell match.

(phobiarg) #4

@AdamKoebel This was one of my favorite episodes of COS yet. I loved the focus of seeing just one character and their development. I would love to see one of these for each character in the show. In fact I think it would be fantastic to use this style to introduce new characters if someone dies. Give the audience a bit of context on the character before them being thrust into the group.

(TwilightBorealis) #5

If anybody has a friend looking to get into CoS, I now have recap posts from the very beginning up to the end of today’s episode. Please use them to spread the word of CoS!

(Bgriffs) #6

Thanks for these! I’ve been sending them to friends to get them up to speed as they enjoyed the plot and world building I’d been able to remember when telling them about it.

(drorel3) #7

Awesome show! had a really good time and I hope to see more one-on one shows like that.
A question: will Maharib be able to explore and unlock more of his powers/ memories like he (tried) with the Wicked Edge?

(AdamKoebel) #8

I love it! I love when class change signals major character change. It’s so rare and so hard to do in base-level D&D but it’s fun, right? I’d put this up there with Berg’s change and Ten Pillars’ becoming a real PC.

(AdamKoebel) #9

Absolutely. Blessings of the Star Giants is a new magical item discovery / upgrade path thing for Maharib.

(AdamKoebel) #10

I’m down if JP is, but I think the impact here is that he remains Maharib, you know? That his skills and focus are different, but he’s still him.

(AdamKoebel) #11

Thank you for saying so! I’m glad you enjoyed our little interlude. I think they’re definitely something we can do more of. Solo flashbacks, etc. Yeah, pretty cool, if a bit challenging to get set up!

(stevenx) #12

I avoid all the CoS prep streams so I was pretty surprised when it turned out Maharib’s new weapon is… himself. What a neat episode to show off how to take a mechanical thing like a class change and build a whole narrative around it. This was a lot of fun.

(AdamKoebel) #13

Thank you! I mean, not for avoiding my WONDERFUL streams but for coming to the one shot! Yeah, I’m pretty happy with taking “I want to change up my character” and turning it into a thing.

(apepi) #14

When you aren’t able to trust your weapon, you turn yourself into the weapon. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Ty_martinez) #15

@AdamKoebel now that the group is bringing a cleric of the brew I can’t wait for the meals that come from paladin Doug and amikor when they eventually meet

(sythmaster) #16

awesome 1 on 1 session! The pacing seemed great even with just the back and forth of one player! great job :slight_smile:

Now that we know the monastic tradition, I’m curious if you’d let JP branch out a bit with the spell options… to say some of the more interesting elemental spells from XGE or another core book.

Not saying “use a fan-made (or UA) remaster of the sub-class” by any means. But maybe adding in options of similar Spell Level for monk level requirements. For instance, Control Winds or Immolation instead of Cone of Cold or Wall of Stone (all are 5th level spells, available to same classes, just 1st two are from XGE) CoC and WoS are options for when Maharib dings at lvl 17 along with stoneskin and wall of fire, those being 4th level though. Spells at levels 4/5 seem to be the 17+ options for the Four Elements monk.

I know it is probably opening a can of worms, but thought I’d ask you opinion on it!

Also, sucks that Hold Person has to be a humanoid! ugh. D&D technicalities eh?

As another aside, the archdruid npc from VGM seems perfect if you need an update to Vani’s stats.

(Blisz_) #17

Loved the pacing in this episode, really nailed it!
From the description of the Darkness in the story from Hazim, is it safe to say it was the illithids that showed at Utrix place?

And was there a specific reason not to go for a str monk?

(AdamKoebel) #18

The “Illithids” we saw were actually part of a larger story involving the Farang, the Githyanki and Githzerai and some other stuff I can’t really reveal yet…

(M3rcer) #19


(profnesbitt) #20

Such an amazing episode. I love the 4 elements monk sometimes its regarded as the subclass that rivals beast master ranger in being suboptimal but I’ve always loved it. It adds so much width to the monks tool set where ever other subclass just lets your spike (height) go higher four elements lets you do shit that no other monk can. My one issue with it is how few elemental atunements you get and if you want the rp “cantrip” you have to give up one attunement for it. Also Flying up then water whipping someone 25ft into the air and letting them drop 25 ft back down and prone is so fun.

Also so happy to get more of the illithid, gith stuff. My favorite parts are the little hints to them and their past. Very early on I was started to think you were using elves as Githyanki stand ins in your world then as it expanded and in the utrix arc I came to assume that elves are essentially mindflayers and the Gith were just Refugees of a world they took over before they got to this one.