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[COURT OF SWORDS // E140A // Q&A] Leave it to Cleaver


(AdamKoebel) #1

Tuesday is the most interesting day of the week.

(TwilightBorealis) #2

I made a list of Ramus’s spells with all “giving” aspects turned into “taking” aspects. Enjoy the Ramus void spell list.

(Athlai) #3

Ya’ll need to get on board with Harmony.

Or Doug.

One of those two is the true faith, I’m sure of it.

(Twitch: k0jak) #4

How are the brothers’ names spelled? Jai and Kita?

(Zenesectling) #5

Hey I got a few questions @AdamKoebel
If that was even an aspect of fire should Vani have burned in it’s entirety?
Would Agni be able to merge the Wicket Edge of the Void and the Hammer of Heaven together?
Was Nega Berg Mara infected again? If so was it Maud the one who gave off her blood for sacrifice to give him life?
Correct me if I am wrong but the Green Worm is equal in raw power and strenght that of Heaven am I correct?
What exactly happened with Doug after the whole arm debacle happened again (since it was confusing slightly to me) ?
If Ten Pillars of Gold didn’t slice it off he would have died regradless right?

(AdamKoebel) #6

Jai and Kita, yep!

(AdamKoebel) #7

Ahhh, these are weird and great, and like “Loss of the Ignorance of Magic” is ABSOLUTELY a void-magical-girl ability thank you.

(AdamKoebel) #8

Doug is a Paladin of Harmony now.

(apepi) #9

Adam, that was a great long con after 140 episodes for the Court of Swords we just discover that it is part of Star Wars.

But really some thoughts, there is some great duality that they did not allow Ramus to heal the boy, then he went and healed Ten Pillars successfully and she was not able to heal the boy.

Then we also hear that the tribe probably ended up being found. But depending on what happens to Mahb, he could send the Dwarves to go to the Dwarf/Fire tribe mountain that they lost and it could be a huge 3v3 with undead v dwarfs v party/fire tribe. That would be a fucking show.

(Athlai) #10

I think Ramus (and quite literally Dan) has an understanding of the structure of Heaven/The Fountain and Mara/The Void better than anyone but Adam. It’s fascinating watching him trying to convince the others of this and the conflict that occurs when they’re not willing to accept it.

Eventually there will be some kind of dissonance here (#HarmonyPun) and everything is going to blow up.

Looking forward to it.

(AdamKoebel) #11

Vani is a medium, a channeler of divine energy and spirits. It’s her job to be possessed like that!

Agni is a Forge God, so almost certainly, yes, though it might require some special attention or preparation!

Negaberg was an empty shell filled with Mara badness.

The Great Green Worm is the mightiest of the Mara, we’ve never seen him clash directly with heaven but oh wouldn’t that be some sick Kaiju type shit?

His cleaver became blessed with the divine power of Harmony, that’s all.

Bad things would have happened…

(AdamKoebel) #12

Remember, we don’t know that she wasn’t able to. Berg inferred that, but she was being massively evasive.

YUP. This shit is gonna boil over eventually…

(AdamKoebel) #13

It’s really cool, Dan’s got a good handle on how the setting works and seeing Ramus try to do impossible shit based on that knowledge is a blast.

(Athlai) #14

Doug’s Soup Knife of Harmony
Magical Weapon (Knife)

This holy relic of Harmony was used to save the life of Ten Pillar’s of Gold by severing a corrupted arm. After several weeks of cleaning the knife was able to return to its true purpose. Bringing the followers of Harmony closer to nirvana by enriching any pot of soup or noodles it comes into contact with.

You gain a +2 to attack and damage rolls with this magic weapon and a +5 to tastiness.

(Luclazy) #15

I would change the stats a bit.

+1 Dagger/Handaxe (Requires Attunement)

Any creature attuned to this knife gets +5 to any checks related to cooking, as well as Medicine checks related to amputation. Attacks with this weapon deal an extra 2d4 radiant damage against insects.
(You can probably leave the insect bit out)

(AdamKoebel) #16

hmmmm, i mean, what if the farang come back

(Bgriffs) #17

I was eating breakfast when I started the episode. That was a mistake.

This episode had some absolutely incredible, yet disturbing imagery throughout.

(nichmehranon) #18

Thank you for the episode, it’s great, that we get to see more of Vani and Awut, their involvment in the plot didn’t feel exhausted when the party left earlier and I’m glad we get more PC-NPC-interaction there.

Seeing as we are mentioning Nega-Berg again, I always wondered about those open strings left behind. Just tell me what we are allowed to know yet.

Is Nega-Berg still a thing and will we see Mauds story resolved? They might be searching the original.

What was the girl in the city of Brass, that watched the party get bombed by the Farang, before Kukrit took them in. I remember her on some rooftops watching, was that Maud?

And maybe the least likely to reappear: are there still wanted posters out there by the Red Banner Company searching for manslaughterer Berg for burning down their town. I remember, that there was a guy, that escaped and there were notes made to remember.

Lastly, was there ever a conclusion to what happened with Innana? Did she get out before the Farang got to her and is she at all interested to learn, what happened with Utrix?

Maybe it’s just me, that loves, when old characters make a reappearence, but I am still hoping, that Kheiu is Thuy and that Gravedirt is the former King of Sự phồn thịnh.

(leacim88) #19

My teory is that gravedirt is the women with skullmask on a horse that is observing Sự phồn thịnh in the beginning of week 8 part 1

(nichmehranon) #20

Yeah, I also remembered that, but I’m still kinda hoping she is the king. Mostly because the story of those royals wasn’t complete and totally heading in the direction of the Queen tragically dying and the King being corrupted. Also, that totally fits with past descriptions of Gravedirt acting like royalty, but then, we never knew much about that bandit leader…