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[COURT OF SWORDS // E139 // Q&A] Showdown at Mannum-ek-Bahl


(AdamKoebel) #1

welp, didn’t expect THAT today

(adamkhaledbadr1) #2

Do you already have an idea for the Harmony weapon stats wise?

(apepi) #3

I gotta say, I am loving Ramus’ conviction. No matter what happens, he tries to weave his own faith in it. That is some real faith.

something goes wrong

“It was meant to happen this way!”

(Chickinlegs) #4

Do you like taking toys from Max?

(Twitch: Brooster) #5

Now Max IS the Rust Monster :itmejpgmleft::itmejpgmlol::itmejpgmright:

(Zenesectling) #6

Hey @AdamKoebel I was wondering these questions during the stream. Could you answer them?
Was the Green Worm able to take over the dwarf through the axe chunk that was sticking out of the neck?
Was the Dwarf some type of an Illithid (The guys that attacked the Githzerai in Utrix’s realm after Berg crushed the soul container)?
Will Agni be able to remake the weapons back?
What would happen if they were molded together?
What would happen if Maharib gained control of the axe?
What is Sen exactly? I know he is a boy but there has to be more right?

(Scara29) #7

My mind and emotions are reeling from that episode, OMG.

We don’t get to know what the Lawkeeper was going to say after finding out what he did from that more open mind share, but that doesn’t really matter now as there’s no way in hell the PC’s are going to get help from the dwarves because as far as they’re concerned they let a bunch of strangers in who then proceeded to kill one of their three leaders. Heck the two dwarves who let them in are likely going to end up in prison or killed for vouching for the PC’s.

They’ve also angered the Great Green Worm, which is very bad but he doesn’t really have much of a way to get at them at the moment, unless Ten Pillars cursed hand gives access in the future.

The axe and the hammer are both destroyed, maybe a new weapon can be reforged from the pieces of both using the secret knowledge that Ten Pillars gain and the help of Agni via Vani.

Mararib wasn’t willing to go back the sanctuary that Ramus made so he’s stuck facing a stronghold full of very pissed off dwarves that he can’t communicate with and so is likely going to end up on trial/imprisoned with/killed alongside Addi-Kur and her husband.

Also before all of this at the start at the episode the thing I had been most worried about was the amount of time they’d been away from Bahath and whether he would still be waiting patiently back with the Embers; especially as they hadn’t checked in with Vani as they were going to while they were away.

This has been such a roller-coaster of an episode and so much has happened. Just goes to show that you can never really prepare for what will happen in D&D. Can’t wait for next week to see the fallout of all the stuff that happened in this episode.

(AdamKoebel) #8

Not yet! I’ll be doing some research…

(Scara29) #9

From what I remember/understand Sen is one of the Gods from Heaven that is part of the dissenting faction that wants to hold of the enlightenment of humanity to stop the Fountain absorbing all of reality upon all souls reaching enlightenment. Sen is working with Gravedirt, for the moment but is not necessarily all in on working with the Mara.

(AdamKoebel) #10

We’re not sure what happened between the GGW and the Lawkeeper! It’s something the characters could look into, though.

Nope! Just a weird old dwarf.

We’ll have to see!

See above.

The Axe would have changed form and shape, unlocking its second iteration and new abilities and powers.

A god!

(Twitch: Brooster) #11

The guys that attacked the githzerai were githyanki (the tentacled faces were masks). That said, they definitely were illithid-like in power/aesthetic. Kind of a fusion it seems.

(TwilightBorealis) #12

I would love to see some polearms. Especially if there could be something like void piercing damage from thrusting and holy bludgeoning damage when swung. Though with Berg’s 25 str, it could be fun to do something like gloves, to make him the Hammer of his namesake.

(Ventus24) #13

@AdamKoebel so I have a lot of questions. I apologize if a lot of these are similar

1 if they end up making a weapon out of the void medal will it still have a connection to the great worm

2 can a weapon be both divine and necrotic/void

3 can agni see void metal?

4 is the hammer of heaven going to be able to be restored or improved?

  1. If they repair the hammer or forge a new weapon from it will it still count as assembling all 3 of FEI’S artifacts and will max still get the buff for having the full set

6 if they make a weapon from the hammer pieces will be at least as powerful as the hammer was or stronger?

7 is there any chance of getting t hff e dwarfs to trust the party again or did Ramus Fuck that chance up?

8 is the reason that the hammer also broke because the hammer is matter and the axe was anti matter? Because I feel the hammer really shouldn’t have broken that easily

9 IF the had resurrected the judge what would of happened?

(AdamKoebel) #14

It will not! The connection is severed!

Sure! I’m sure we’ll find a way to make that work.

I’m not sure she’s ever tried, so maybe not! The secrets that Ten Pillars stole will prove extremely useful in that and other regards.

The Hammer of Heaven, Tulpa’s Conduit, known also as the Apology of Emperor Fei is gone forever, its magic lost.

We’ll have to see? My thought is no, that it won’t, but they might be able to find a way to adjust around that.

It’ll depend on how and what they do about reforging it!

Hah not a chance. Best we can hope for is that Maharib isn’t beheaded.

I warned them earlier, when the two touched and knocked everyone down…

It wasn’t possible. He was already half-dead to begin with.

(CrazyKSK) #15

Friendly reminder that berg still has the void javlin that was pulled out of the dragon

(sythmaster) #16

Welp. PCs gonna PC I guess?

The mental fight and the mind meld 2d6+WIS roll was really interesting! It’s always neat to see like stat checks and stuff in play. And that was definitely all you and not D&D mechanics so bravo!

I’m curious if/how you wanted to have that whole mental fight a bit more mechanical (at least from JPs side) what you’d do? I assume you just had two competing clocks (one “maharib wins”, the other “GGW wins”).

Super cool and interesting with the tidbits of lore dropped - but then the Law Keeper died so we have to figure out how hivemind-y dwarves get. Seeing that aspect was a total new angle of for dwarves and I loved it!! And definitely felt like “its own thing”. You’ve mostly been able to ask the players about ancestry culture, but the Dwarves are mostly your own thing (sans a few episodes of Dan), so its been neat to see!

(( It’s also really interesting how both the dwarves and the Fires of Imix cult have this “living memory” leader/adviser position. Especially with how memories tie into Veins. Like, that hints at predating Heaven a bit. insert mind explode-y gif here ))

Huge Excited Random Speculation I just had that I think Adam would *love*

OH MY GOD, I just realized something.

  1. The Dwarves found a pocket of Void Metal and are trying to make it a Vein.
  2. Their source of Rules, Laws, Debts, and History was just destroyed.
  3. Large tragedies and loss of memory are catalysts for Veins.
  4. The GGW was literally piercing the veil at that time as well.

… They totally opened a vein from this side. Even if no one is aware of it yet.

That’s two in close proximity to each other ((if this wasn’t already the open door from before)).

This and the Court of Swords is SO FUCKED. I love it.

I saw on a different response you weren’t quite sure what kind of weapon ability vibes for [potential] void+heaven metal thing. So some suggestions!

  • The Defender tag (from DMG), it lets you switch up your Attack and Defense modifiers (very “harmony” on the nose)
  • The Tinderstrike item (from Princes of the Apocalypse, p. 224), this is like a super “fire elemental” weapon without the “so you can control all fire elementals and dominate them” stuff. (Wait, just double checked it has dominate fire elemental 1/day ugh - you can modify that one) some other cool stuff like “you know Ignan” and fire resist though. All of this is more on the lines of “Agni gonna Agni” so less “harmony” focus.
  • The Banishing Smite spell (5th lvl Pally spell in PHB), this is amusing just in the sense of like “eh? mara? back to the void! eh? celestial? back to the heaven!” It’s also a bonus action type spell so could feasibly work like the “lite it up!” ability previously (so, easy for Max to remember it :stuck_out_tongue: )

This was a longer than intended response, but just goes to show it was a fucking awesome session @AdamKoebel Cheers yo.

(AdamKoebel) #17

well well well, look how clever you are.
I love posts like these so damn much, thank you sythmaster.

the 2d6 thing was just a quick and dirty custom move from dungeon world or games like it. it’s my go-to when I want to create a clear but hard choice. the mechanisms for the conflict were fairly straightforward. Berg was attacking an inanimate object, Ten Pillars was making skill checks against a few DCs and Maharib was in a kind of variant skill challenge from 4e. if I wanted to make it more complicated without hacking a brand new mechanism, I’d probably have to use combat. it’s honestly all D&D really has to offer outside of mini-game designing it yourself.

thanks for the suggestions for balance stuff, I think they’re all really fantastic options. all in all, sometimes the stuff you aren’t prepared for turns out to be the coolest stuff.

(TwilightBorealis) #18

So I was looking through videos of Chinese and Vietnamese weapons, looking for potential inspirtation. Generally, I can find more videos on swords than anything else (though this roman vs chinese imperial army piece is interesting), but I was leaning away from that.

Until I saw a video on the sword of Goujian. @adamkoebel watch this, and between the aesthetic, the name of the script used on it, and the story of its wielder, and then tell me it isn’t perfect.

(radio_thief) #19

@AdamKoebel I have always loved the names you give things, people places etc all brilliant. Can i ask the Origins of Mannum ek bahl. It sounds Hindi… maybe? would be interested in knowing your inspiration for it. Thanks in advance!

(leacim88) #20

Hey Adam!
Is there enought pieces to create two twin weapons. Maybe that has a boon when two people weild them within 5 feets of each other :wink: