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[COURT OF SWORDS // E136 //Q&A] A Plan is Hatched


(AdamKoebel) #1

i made a map for you.

(Bgriffs) #2

As someone that’s forgotten what the real message Ramus received from the Court of Coins, did he actually tell Zeke the truth?

(TwilightBorealis) #3

So Adam, if Ramus were to cast a Geas spell on Berg to do something innocuous like he did with Awut, would that not prevent Berg from being charmed in combat? Couldn’t that help relieve Berg’s new source of anxiety?

(Twitch: Kotuhi) #4

Excuse me Mr Kobel, but you’re not allowed to have a mysterious unnamed landmass to the north and not tell us anything about it. We demand answers!!

(Twitch: Kotuhi) #5

Yeah that was it, very short and to the point.

(AdamKoebel) #6

The second time around, yes.

(AdamKoebel) #7


(Twitch: Kotuhi) #8

Uhhh, y-yes please Mr Kobel…

(AdamKoebel) #9

Berg wants to avoid being possessed. If Ramus charms him, it’s not quite the same, but also I think Geasing someone is a real weird way to instill personal agency…

(Seth5281) #10

We do indeed. Please and Thank you.

(philipov) #11

Oh but think of the delicious irony of it. “I compel you to have personal agency!”

(AdamKoebel) #12


(Seth5281) #13

Hmm interesting turn of events, very interesting indeed.

(Zenesectling) #14

Hey @AdamKoebel if I can ask these questions and get some answers that be great
If you were to pin point the City of Brass where it once stood where would it be exactly?
From what I am getting at in here is that in the corresponding elements: Fire Elementals are dumb, Water Elementals are those types you can’t understand but will be on board with what you are doing, Earth Elementals are the lazy ones who always sleep and Wind ones are the mysterious types and unknown for the most part, Plant Elementals are compulsive liars (or can see other possibilities in the other world (multiverse theory)). Is that the way you picture them or no?
Is Vani an Earth or Fire Genasi because I think last time you said Earth when mentioning Azure Vortex and now you said Fire so I am confused on that?
Is the place where Gravedirt is at the same place where Su Fon Tin stood previously?

(AdamKoebel) #15

it’s somewhere in the area where it says “wands”

this will help:

Direction: South
Associations: Anger, Will, Passion, Lust, Destruction, Desire, Purification, Protection, Strength
Colours: Red, Orange, Gold, Yellow

Air (Vayu)
Direction: East
Associations: Thought, mental power, communication, travel,
intellect, abstract thinking, teaching, divination, freedom, happiness, laughter, beginnings
Colours: Blue, Pastels

Water (Apas)
Direction: West
Associations: Emotions, dreams, compassion, love, sadness, healing, rest, cleansing, dissolution, rebirth
Colours: Green, Silver, Purple

Earth (Prithivi)
Direction: North
Associations: Stability, prosperity, food, money, wealth, crops,
animals, home, mountains, strength, grounding, protection
Colours: Brown, Black, Green

Void (Sunya)
Directions: None
Association: rejection of authority, individualism, selfishness, endings, nihilism, hopelessness, the present, temptation, solitude
Colours: White

She’s fire!

Remind me what that was?

(apepi) #16

Oh you found the Court of Japes!

(Twitch: Kotuhi) #17

To my knowledge we’ve never heard any reference to the landmass to the north, at first I thought it was the Court of Wands due to a description of the worlds geography from ages ago, but I see that’s not the case. I’m very curious as to what it is, have we heard about it before, do the people of the world know it exists?

On the note of geography, do you have any idea how big/ how many islands makeup the Court of Cups, out of all the Courts the Cups intrigues me the most due to you having said it takes heavy influence from Māori culture and that of the greater Polynesia. Really hope we get to visit there someday!

(AdamKoebel) #18

Lots. lots and lots and lots. Tons. Probably there’s a local name for it called like, “the uncountable isles” or “a world within islands” or something. Maori, Samoan, Hawaiian, Tahitian, Balinese, Ainu and Aleutian at least, as inspiration.

(Twitch: Kotuhi) #19

I’m really excited to see what you’ve done with them, I hope we get to see it ingame one day. I absolutely adore Polynesian (specifically Māori) mythology, I’m incredibly interested to see how you’ve warped and incorporated their individual mythos into CoS!

(stevenx) #20

It’s funny, I could see a lot of the Path of Exile setting that’s heavily inspired by Maori and other ancient island cultures fitting there just fine.

Kitava the Insatiable is absolutely an evil god that would fit right in.