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[COURT OF SWORDS // E135 // Q&A] Whence Goes the Flame

darkness is gathering in the jungle, flame in the mountains. what next?


Glad Berg sound a new love but I can’t help but think that in doing so he’s sentenced her to death. :frowning:

The party trying to steer Bahath is going to be a great plotline for this arc.


Zeke mentioned that he remembered in chat, but didn’t share


that there is a god standing beside Gravedirt. Sen is potentially a bigger problem than Gravedirt, and Gravedirt is a huge problem.

Personally, I like the volcano plan. And then grow the flame in the sea of charcoal. Also, there was a dragon in that cave. Worst-case they can necromancy that back. But since it is a dragon (read: god), it may have cycled already. So maybe it is back to normal and can join them.

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I had a small Idea to manage Inspiration.

What if the players could forego a Goal Slot in order to have a mote of inspiration in place of it?
It could be a way to add advantage to goals they want to HEAVILY pursue as well as asking “do you want to focus in on a specific goal or focus on generating XP?”

Would probably need some tweaking, but it’s a start.

One other thing, the Character Sheet Extension is still showing Ten Pillar’s old Class, it’s not showing his “change” to Rogue. (I know this is more a thing for JP but thought you could pass it on?)

Hey @AdamKoebel
Was Bahath right about the Necromancy and Primal Fire Combination or was he incorrect?
I am confused if the vessel dies it goes through the reincarnation cycle right?
How does this work with a God like being like him/her? (That’s whole gender thing is confusing)
To what extent does Bahath reach out to Imix? If he was dead what would that mean to him? Will he get mad since it’s a part of him and basically his child in a way or he will not give a damn?
Is Maru Bavati one of the dragons or is he a full time dragon?

What if instead, if they work on a goal(but not complete one) then they get inspiration, or maybe can choose to get inspiration instead of experience.

They don’t complete their goal, but they tried. But if they keep the goal even after working on it(and don’t change it) then they are inspired.

Something like that.

I consider dragons more demigods than god’s themselves.

That is a distinction without a difference in this case, since I meant god as a one-souled entity. If they die, they come back like everyone in the void did. I don’t know what the difference between “gods” and “demigods” is in CoS cosmology, but the way death works was my key point.

I think this a good idea too, but only getting XP for completing a quest makes the “XP Grind” a bit more of a slog in my mind (could be wrong). So maybe they could choose to get Inspiration instead of XP…

My idea was more like this:
Character X has a goal that says: “I wish to convince “Leader Y” that thier view on “Problem Z” isn’t sustainable and they should try and see it my way”
When in talks with “Leader Y” the required persuasion role could be made with advantage (assuming you dont have it already). As this increases the chances of Goal success and potential completion.

And if it fails, you still get a small Dip of XP, continuing character progression.

I don’t remember what happens when they kill a God, I might go back and re-watch that episode of them killing the gatekeeper.

Is it just demigods that get revived or gods as well? I myself almost imagine demigods relying on God’s to regenerate, just God’s really have no such thing?

Berg Right now.

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Adam said that the gatekeeper would be reconstituted and would have her position in the bureaucracy changed after a performance evaluation. In this case, she did her job appropriately (only those authorized actually made it over alive), so she would probably be promoted.

It could be like…for every goal they have, they have one inspiration(so up to three). They can only use an inspiration if it is in to tryingtto complete that goal. To get that inspiration back, you have had to worked on that goal.

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I wonders who’s job it is to reconfigure souls. It seems like it is a theme in all of religions in the universe, confirmed Heaven does it to dead gods and humans, Mara does it to their subjects, and the primordials does it to dragons.

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First time doing this but hey @AdamKoebel quick question if some primordials created heaven doesn’t that mean that they were able to think outside their little box, wouldn’t that in itself show bahath could do it too? Or is it different between gods and smaller aspects of gods?

@AdamKoebel, here is an interesting observation I just had. Through pure coincidence, the PC parties of the main story of CoS fall into the Heavenly Quartet: The magistrate party is the Page; the Berg/Ramus party (I consider any “party” containing at least one of these two to be the same party, since this party flows in both membership and goals, but it doesn’t change abruptly) is the Knight; the Kalimat/Shadrick party is the Queen; the tianshi party is the King. The King was invested with authority directly from Heaven, the Queen was the clever/careful subterfuge party, the Knight leads in combat (both in terms of their accomplished feats and in the army they are about to raise), and the Page was dispatched to check on a problem in the sub-structure. What do you think?

Hey Adam, after watching the post-show something kind of clicked for me.

With the idea of Berg giving Vani a death save, it seems similar-ish to some of those advanced moves from Apocalypse World where PCs have [some] ability to protect NPCs? Like the

"On a 12+, only if they’re an NPC, they do it, and furthermore you change their nature. […] tell the MC to erase their threat type altogether and write it in instead.
* Ally: lover (impulse: to give you shelter & comfort)

[…] Furthermore, stop looking at this NPC through crosshairs. She has been set apart, safe from casual death, to a higher purpose. By now the players are bone weary from knowing that every single NPC is, at her heart, only a potential threat to them. Now, this one person, they can breathe."

(from pg 266-267 in AW 2nd ed).

It’s interesting to think about this kind of concept in D&D… like :adamwheel: has options for this type of thing (that optional rule about circles contact becoming a relationship) but seems like this might also be just kind of like some of the stuff you’ve been mentioning about why you want to check out Strongholds & Followers. Though Vani doesn’t really seem like a “follower”, though I don’t know the options given in Evil Matt’s book.

Looking forward to what’s next in this campaign as always!