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[COURT OF SWORDS // E125 // Q&A] The Fated Fortress


(AdamKoebel) #21

It is probably going to get to The World and just fucking explode from all the pure juice energy.

(AdamKoebel) #22

Right? It’s pretty cool how that worked out.

(suchacrap) #23

that fight was awesome, thank you for that. always hard to come up with a “balanced” encounter for such a high lvl party but this fight made me hopeful that it wont be a problem for you in this campaig. :slight_smile:


  1. do you have a way in mind with which ramus can get a soul for amira and unnamed, only thing i see that could work in raw is the warlock spell soul cage but i dont think unnamed picked it. would you allow zeke to change it or do they have to find another powerful warlock (gravedirt maybe)

  2. the dmg done by maharibs axe are not supposed to be able to heal, did you factor that in during phase transition. didnt hear anyone mention it so i thought i ask it here

  3. i seem to remember that there is supposed to be a dragon soul in amiras weapon, could it have worked to let the god extract that soul and put it in amira to let her pass?

ty for the awesome episode again :slight_smile:

(Zuelatek) #24

So I’m just going to assume that the Mara get through the gates because the gatekeeper don’t screw around with them since they’re so powerful.

Could the party have per chance intimidated the Guardian to let them through so that she can live and defend the gate?

(TwilightBorealis) #25

The mara incursions we have seen in The World so far have not been to the same scale as something like this gate guardian in terms of power. I think it is much more likely that their power comes in a more indirect way, and through places without gates nor guardians.

(sythmaster) #26

And thus Kirby become canon in CoS :stuck_out_tongue: (except more terrifying)

(sythmaster) #27

Awesome finish for the arc! Definitely wondering a few things now…

With the options left to Ramus for Unnamed being… less than direct… will Zeke start a new PC? It didn’t come up in the post-show and was curious (you did mention a possible split again in your prep) I can see that going a few ways, but its hard to tell in the short-term if that is what they (Dan/Zeke) will focus on? Maybe Maharib will pursue as well though for Amira :man_shrugging:

Possible Ways I can think of, most of them aren't likely to happen
  • Ramus rolls well on the 14% divine intervention.
  • Ramus+Others do some weird soul catch thing, kill [someone] and put the leftover soul in UnNamed’s body (and then hope UnNamed is the one who wakes up?)
  • Somehow get access to a Wish spell and word the wish correctly.
  • Ask Gravedirt how they made the potion that Ramus took, and make a similar version for Unnamed (though that may not work as Unnamed isn’t the lower portion of a soul. but there could be some like inverse or reverse version? its a blades LTP who knows haha.)
  • Get a Mara Lord to “reset” them.
  • For Amira, another comment here mentioned the possibility of Bahath’s “essence” as soul-adjacent? It would be interesting if somehow some of the essence of either that sword, 'Ribs axe, or Fei will like “loan” or “annex” either of the bodies?
  • Somehow a primordial (or Sahir?) takes interest and can do… something? They seem pretty limited in options though as they don’t have access to the Fountain and aren’t really known for creation-y things…

It will be interesting to see where things go from here, always a big question when most of the goals get wiped clean! :slight_smile:

(AdamKoebel) #28

magic that captures or imprisons souls is very rare, dangerous and blasphemous to use. that being said, Mouthful of Worm-Ridden Grave Dirt is an extremely powerful Mara-backed magic user so if anyone knows how to trap a soul, she might…

The axe’s wounds were shed, along with any other ongoing effects, each time there was a phase shift. it wasn’t healing so much as reforming the body.

we don’t 100% know the truth about Bahath yet. Amira needs a hun and p’o to be able to exist in the world, right now she has neither!

(AdamKoebel) #29

Yeah, the Mara have never gotten into The World en masse in any way. Only individual projections likely too sneaky to perceive.

(Olf_Himself) #30

I’m wondering if the gates are now wide open would the void energy flowing into the World be able to resurrect UnNamed and Amira when the cycle turns over… :thinking:

(AdamKoebel) #31

I’m not 100% on the ramfications of leaving the door open, yet. I think for now, it’s just an easy in for the Mara to come through…

(TwilightBorealis) #32

Since Berg can throw boulders now and is equivalent to a siege weapon, could he potentially keep siege ammunition on him? Boulders used in catapults may be too cumbersome, but theoretically the Court of Coins may have invented cannons (and there are 5e rules for mortars). Alternatively, an anvil is adventuring equipment. Could he keep and throw that? #berggoals

(seassnake) #33

I can’t believe that PCs always take the time to harvest a poison gland for 1d6 damage but never collect a vial of god blood or a piece of shattered halo.

(AdamKoebel) #34

It wouldn’t do the 4d10 damage but I am all about Berg carrying around heavy shit to throw at people. There are 100% cannons in this setting, yep. Court of Coins has been using them for a while I think.

(Scara29) #35

Oh boy…

Guess The World is in for even more chaos incoming then, especially if where they come back out of the vein into The World is anywhere near where the party originally left. Anything from the Void would exit into an area of the world that is almost already under the control of another Mara fronted by the Necromancer King. The Court of Swords is already a hot bed of undead and Mara influence, things look they could heat up even more.

Though if The Fool Inverse comes through the vein and it does come out near where the Necromancer King is based, does the mean they will end up fighting each other as the Necromancer King is a vassal of the Great Green Worm?

(TwilightBorealis) #36

I just had a crazy idea. Do you remember the big holy beads that Berg had in Heaven? Imagine making one of those large bead necklaces out of metal, each bead a cannon ball. It would be like a disguised cannonball bandolier.

(AdamKoebel) #37

I suspect, despite his name, that if pressed, the Fool would swear fealty to the Mara King. The Fool’s got this fetishistic obsession with The World that I think would be well served by the protection of the Mara King.

Messy business, though.

(CaptainKirkZILLA) #38

No question. Just outright appreciation. This fight was beyond epic, and the Tale of Berg the Undying continues to amaze.

Also, aside from the fact that everything turned out the way Judgement said it would, passing through the Gate was a very sobering experience I thought, and very grounded in the overall atmosphere I feel the show has adopted.

Since Berg and Ramus were working for the Tower everything (understandably) took a rather dark and macabre turn. It got even more so after Berg came back from Heaven, and they all trashed the City of Brass, in my eyes kicking off their (or Ramus’) crusade against Heaven.

All that said, I found it very sobering in the wake of killing a GOD that it’s two corpses, and a husk dragged through the Gate to the Courts by Berg the Undying, and Ramus Krill the False God.

The only two remaining constants in the universe, it seems. This is like D&D poetry.

(Scara29) #39


I really can’t wait to see what happens in the future, even if it means that the party has gone off to another Court and left everything behind but news reaches them about stuff that’s happened or things could happen that its eventually a whole new party somewhere else and they hear the same news which will mean little to the characters but mean a whole lot to the players.

The universe of Court of Swords is just so damn cool and I love it.

(SilasTheInuk12) #40

Would’ve been cool if Maharib said “today is a good day to die” to Amira before the fight.