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[COURT OF SWORDS // E122 // Q&A] Into The Storm


(AdamKoebel) #1

old priest yells at cloud (of sadness)

(Mr_Undergr0und) #2

Lvl 14 Berg. Literally too angry to die by the power of the Gods. Also hopefully counterspell by @Ezekiel_III. In addition to gaining any extra spells by advancing in Sorcerer, you can change one of your current sorcerer spells with another that you have the spell slot lvl. Now that you’ve played Sorcerer for a while, I hoped you’ve come to know what spells you use alot and spells you never touched on!

(TwilightBorealis) #3

Here is a strange question we were pondering on Adam’s channel: which Fire Emblem 3H characters best represent each member of the party (including Amira)? I would love to hear interpretations from a bunch of people.

(Zenesectling) #4

Hey @AdamKoebel please explain me these questions.
In what point do the Eldritch creatures major weakness is Evolution what type of magic is that? I don’t understand please clarify.
Where do they come from the Eldritch creatures? Are they from some sort of Void or are they some sort of energy warp in the universe that’s been created by the magic of others? Which is my theory anyway sorry about that.
When I asked you last about the things Kalimat summoned by the bell? I meant the centipedes that he would summon with each ring of the bell. Are those of Eldritch or Mara origins?
If the possessed individuals by the Mara in Court of Swords aren’t people who are possessed by Juice Junkies what type of Mara demons would those be?
So Eldritch creatures can be summoned by weird portal like Mirrors that the uncovered in that weird Tomb with where Kalimat lost his eyes, the same one with the Bell and that giant Bow that Yoji gained? There aren’t any forms of worlds or dimensions for them they just are there somewhere?
Also my caretaker Lora loves your beard.

(AdamKoebel) #5

this is such a good question!

(AdamKoebel) #6

The creatures / things you’re referring to are still a big mystery, as is where they came from. Only a tiny number of warlocks have even a hint of the answer to these questions!

They’re “eldritch” definitely.

Mara possession manifests in many ways!

(TwilightBorealis) #7

Just finished the post-show and Zeke used the wrong con bonus. He actually has +2 (14 con), so he should have 1 more hp.

(philipov) #8

@Ezekiel_III Even if you don’t take a 7th level spell, you can use your 7th level slot to up-cast lower level spells that scale when cast at higher levels. For example, if you cast Disintegrate with a 7th level slot, it deals 13d6+40 damage instead of 10d6+40.

In fact, you can always use a higher level slot to cast a spell even if it doesn’t scale up, if you just want to use it more.

(freckled1der90) #9

Since Rammus’ spells and abilities come from heaven, how will abandoning the arcana for his new religion change his abilities as a cleric?

(Labeled) #10

How long until ash Gaara shows up?


I hate myself for this :call_me_hand:

(thatshawwwn) #11

Oh this is good

Amira is Leonie to Maharib’s Jeralt

Berg is Dedue, cus he usually starts new conversations with “dont hang out with me you’ll die”

Ramus is Lorenz cus hes a shit

Broken Promises is hard… maybe Manuella but with reason instead of faith?

(TwilightBorealis) #12

I have Amira as Petra since she has a language barrier/fish-out-of-water situation but is a strong person.

Berg as either Dedue or Gilbert. They are similar characters in that they are both walls on the outside but are actually very emotional. Both have guilt and duty.

Maharib as Felix, with his strength-obsession and pragmatism, covering his caring, idealist side.

Ramus as Lorenz, since he seems like he is the worst on the outside but he actually does have a code of ethics that he lives up to. As much as Ramus is Ramus, he actually does know the various philosophies of the religions he involves himself with, and tries to follow them properly. It comes off as jarring to the players/audience but that is because our world is shaped by different philosophies. I remember when Adam spoke about good/evil in CoS as “following your destiny” or “going against your destiny” and so if you are destined to kill someone and do so it is an act of good, while sparing them would be evil. Ramus totally understands this kind of outlook. So Lorenz, who makes distinctions between commoners and nobles but holds them both in high regard (and tries to behave ideally for a noble), similarly seems awful to us but is consistent with the philosophy. They are a really interesting pair of characters that way.

Broken Promises as Dorothea. High-charisma caster, knows what she wants, when to manipulate and when to be truthful.

(philipov) #13

I think Ramus is more like Edelgard: against the church/heaven, but also against Those Who Mara In the Dark. I would continue the analogy even farther, but I don’t want to risk spoilers.