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[court of swords // e121 // q&a] the mass grave


(AdamKoebel) #1

if you haven’t already seen it, please check out the prep here:

(TwilightBorealis) #2

Had Berg thrown himself into the pyre, how would it have changed the party’s traversal? Would you have still used the dungeon as-is? How do you balance a character/player decision in order to allow it to be meaningful?

(Zenesectling) #3

Hey @AdamKoebel I need to ask
How’s an Eldritch’s major weakness Evolution? Can you be more specific and elaborate?
Are Eldritch beings from another Void? That’s what I meant to ask.
Why did Broken Promises freak out after she took off her mask? Was she high on juice?
The centipede things Kalimat summoned with the use of the Bell are those Mara or Eldritch related?
If the Green Worm was so powerful how was he so defeated? I assume other godly creatures are like him in the Court of Swords? Was he the only one of his kind?
How are the inhabitants of the Void from which the party came from born? From the Void? Or do they mate individually? How does this work for humans who were down in that very same Void where the party was in? If they die do they come back but with lesser remembrance?
Why was the Bureaucracy of Heaven even established when they were already fine on their own? Was it because of the River Goddess Nadi?
Also if the world the party is currently in is within the vein itself then what does that Sand Ghoul? A Depiction of their Sin? And why was it only going after Berg and not Ramus when they were just as equally to be blamed for their actions? (PS. I hope this doesn’t trigger you to kill Ramus)
If that was the memory of the Immortals before the City of Brass was created what does it have to do with the current location to where the party is in?

(stevenx) #4

I don’t even know where all this weird shit comes from, but I hope it never ends.

(profnesbitt) #5

Man so excited for them to finally go through the vein. Very Minor spoilers from Adams prep.


It’s so funny that the cards and the effects of the vein were drawn completely randomly and they line up so well with everything (I know that’s how tarot work and people find meaning where they look for it but come on you don’t even have to look for meaning when the tower gets pulled, that one is obvious. Broken Promises wasn’t even zekes character when this prep was done.

I’m very curious on where this vein will deposit them. I know you were creating the rules for the vein when they arrived here on the fly but it’s interesting that the temple they arrived at when they got here existed in both the world and mararealm meaning the sun temple existed before heaven was created so i wonder what it was a temple to before it was repurposed. Also curious on if the experiment they were doing on Yotta Zo’s Father allowed for some sort of instant transport vein (or maybe were doing something completely different more akin to merging the two realms before it was interrupted) or if it’s always instant going from the world to mararealm but involves puzzles going Mara to world.

Since the veins are known for being the place to go for magic Items did you roll any up ahead of time or just plan on playing it by ear? And do the magic Items that are lost to the void get pulled into a particular vein because they fit the theme (I’m thinking something that does illusions or works with held actions would naturally get pulled into this vein) or is there no connection between what items are lost and the veins theme?

(UmbraSanctum) #6

Still in the void confirmed. Since their goals were “escape the void” and not “arrive home”. This weird topsy turvy place is pretty cool. Is there lore that explains this part of the void in your GM prep episode, @AdamKoebel?

(TwilightBorealis) #7

The video Adam linked was part one of his prep. Details about this place in particular are in part two.