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Court of Swords DnD 5e Source Book

(timofgatcity) #1

I'm curious as to whether or not JP and Adam would ever drop a CoS source book. Maybe on Patreon? or some kind of Go fund me style account? I'd love to crack open a book and see a map of the court, or some weird Adam lore for the reskinned black dragon in the snake temple and maybe statlines for new mini boses like snidge, berg, or our recently crowned snake lady queen. Would anyone else be interested in a book like this?

(banned) #2

I think the show would need to be over before I'd be interested in such a thing.

Even then it'd sort of remove the chance for a revival because as soon as there is new content for the world (from the creator themselves) the book becomes incomplete.

(AdamKoebel) #3

It's an interesting thought experiment! What kinds of things would make a sourcebook like this interesting to you?

(TheDesec) #4
  • maps
    • world
    • capital cities
    • major locations
  • religion in the setting
    • made up arcana, religion, pantheon, tarot
    • actual arcana, aka. fountain and mara stuff
  • what are the courts
    • how are they organized, royalty, politics, military...
  • what foes live in the world
  • past characters
    • who died
    • who lived
    • what are they up to
  • any lore

(Twitch: eyearcana) #5

I'm not sure I'd include past characters, NPCs yes but not player characters. Also include the new inspiration type system and alignment.

(banned) #6

A lot of this would be filled by a compedium of magazine articles. Not maps of course, but a lot of the background materials.

(timofgatcity) #7

Current and past PCs adjusted stat wise to be played as monsters would be fun.

Maps would certainly be great.

Maybe a court of swords time line?

The alignment system,

An index of the tarot system and fortune/bonds created as interpreted into a DnD setting would be super helpful.

I believe there is a thread of people creating a COS tarot set. That would also be very cool to include.

Magic weapons and their lore (who is emperor Fey? Why is he always apologizing?)

Art to reskin some of our favorite monsters, weapons and armor. I find myself wondering what a CoS breast plate would look like, and what other traditionally western weapons and armor would look like in this setting.

You have a pretty significant amount of lore already, certainly more than enough to fill a book. What corrupted the rock gnomes? or the Mogwai? all that fun stuff. And don't even start me on all the Psionic elf lore you have to answer for.


(VyRe40) #8

A mini-bestiary for modified and reskinned monsters and where they live in the Courts would be cool. Also, expanded mythos regarding some of the fringe elements of the world, like the Elves, the snake gods, and the Old Ones JP's warlock got mixed up with.

(putridcheese) #9

Race demographics among locations?