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Court of Swords Character Map inspired by lady8jane (SPOILER HEAVY)


(phobiarg) #1

After seeing the post made here: [COURT of SWORDS // E92 // Q&A] Whelp Whelp Whelp

I realized that I could not remember many of these characters let alone what happened to them. I started going through old episodes just to find out and decided that I should publish what I found in a similar format to @lady8jane’s graph. So without further ado:

(Olf_Himself) #2

Super cool map. Just two things that need fixing (that I can see). Berg first appeared in episode 11 and returned from the shelf in episode 20. Those two events have been moved one box to the right.

(phobiarg) #3

Thanks, updated :). Please let me know if there are any other corrections or additions I should make.

(lady8jane) #4

@phobiarg love the levels in there! I had planned to update my chart on a regular basis. Posting that in a separate thread makes sense, now that I think of it. :slight_smile: