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Court of Swords: Celebration of Death Music

Hey people

Hope you’re all good, so i made this over the weekend, It’s a mix of scenes from the celebration of death and the guys finding Berg.

Anyway i hope you guys enjoy it


Brilliant as always!

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Ahhh, from menacing revelry to fateful meeting, I could almost see the streets of the City of Brass. Thank you sir, cheers!

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@Absent_Minds Holy shit dude! This is incredible. LOOOOVE it.

Thanks again for sharing!

Thanks for the kind words guys, big thanks to @adamkoebel @itmeJP and crew for the inspiration

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Honestly think this is one of your best tracks so far dude. Your music for COS is some of the best on Rollplay!

you are amazing thank you so much

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Still got a long way to perfecting my craft but thanks, I thought it was one better ones I’ve done:itmejpbro:

Dude I’m glad you like it, but you guys are the amazing ones