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Court of Swords campaign help

(saberthedarklord) #1

So I'm running a court of swords campaign for some people online but I'm trying to figure out there first mission. It's taking place after Season 0 but before Season 1, and they're going to get to choose whether they're going towards the court of swords, or the court of coins. I know what I wanna do if they go towards the court of swords, but I don't know what to do if they choose the court of coins. If anybody has any cool ideas, please let me know

(Typoko) #2

Doing a flip to the arc that Incontrol was part of might be fun. Have players go chase after some vagabonds that are rumored to be sent to raid tombs. Their target might not be in the first tomb and then they would have to choose if they want to go in there and have a look while it might be against the code/orders. Possibly they could get some information what they are going after, so they could be more well prepared. For a first mission it would have rather clear goal/finish, which is pretty important at the start.

(putridcheese) #3

Isn't the Shulin valley in between both courts? That's contested territory.

(saberthedarklord) #4

They'll have to go through it, but I'll see what they choose