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Court of Swords and the Tarot

(quilllish) #1

For what can be best described as "a significant amount of time", I have had this deck of tarot cards laying around. When Court of Swords launched, I decided to finally give them a try, and ever since I have been studying the cards, slowly but surely. By now I'm close to a basic understanding of all the cards (just need a few more Cups!), but especially the major arcana I think I've got down. And I have to say, knowing the major arcana almost makes me feel like an insider in the world Adam has running in the background. While it has been some time since we have last seen a fortune teller, the arcana are still very visibly there, if you know what to look for. It's really cool to see how Adam keeps incorporating elements of the tarot into the world and the culture (and, if a little smugness may be permitted, to catch those things before they are made explicit). I love the show, and this makes it even more engaging.

The point of this thread, I guess, is first to applaud Adam (awesome job, as always), but also to ask if you've had similar experiences. Did anyone else feel inspired to learn the tarot, or even have prior experience with it, and notice similar things? If you feel up for it, I would definitely recommend trying to familiarize yourself with at least the major arcana - it provides you with a lot of insight into the religion and culture that we've seen so far in Court of Swords!

(Kol_Saresk) #2

Pretty much. I was always aware it was a thing, but I never really paid attention to it until I read Warhammer 40K, because it's something that commonly pops up when astropaths and Inquisitors are around. But I didn't feel that I found anything that did an adequate job of explaining tarot, until Adam mentioned the Golden Threat tarot app in a tweet. I've slowly been using that to continue learning.