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[COURT OF SWORD // E131 // Q&A] Imix to Ignition


(AdamKoebel) #1

bounce bounce bounce
bounce bounce

(TheJeroenBrouwer) #2

Berg convo really brought the feels. Great RP all around :).
Vani is also great :), thanks for nursing our boys’ mental health Adam :slight_smile:

(Zenesectling) #3

Hey @AdamKoebel I was wondering if you could answer few questions for me. Since Monks can deal damage once struck in the D & D with types: Divine, Ki, and Psionic. Now can they use Chaos Based attacks?
Would illusions class wizards by any chance be able to level up to the point on creating illusions with mass and form?
If Utrix’s realm was made from the shapeless Chaos Void how was the orb of Azure Vortex which was form of shaping that was created by the Githzerai and the Zerthimon himself ended up in the world since it was already a complete world?
Since you mentioned that the world was already shaped to the point, and the orb was able to survive that long, does that mean it’s not as finished as people think it is?
Now since the world has the cause of Chaos (for example fire starts and destroys a village) can that Chaos be used the same way the Githzerai used the Shaping technique at Utrix’s realm?
Also is Nega Berg even alive up to this point?
Who would win in between these two Nega Berg or Enhaka?
Also what’s the next item for Berg of Fei’s Arsenal?
Have fun in Hawaii ^^

(AdamKoebel) #4

It meant a lot to me that Berg had a chance to talk about the stuff that’s traumatizing him! Being possessed is scary and i realized that Vani would have lots to say about it.

(apepi) #5

I am glad Ramus seems to have finally walking in the path of the star., I feel like out of anyone, he learned how to let go and change.

Also Emperor Fei was a dwarf right? Is it possible that in the Dwarven…ruins(?) of the members, that the last Emperor Fei item is there?

(AdamKoebel) #6

Whatever the rules say!

I believe that’s a power they can get, yep!

Anything is possible in the shapeless chaos outside The World!

That’s a good question, and one the orb would certainly bring up.

oh absolutely


a pretty dress.

(Scara29) #7

Imix to igntiion
Hot Noodles from the kitchen
Doug is filling those bowls
Got everyone in here cheering

Sipping on broth 'n eating dim sum
Berg 'n Rib are both drunk
It’s Korlon’s victory baby
We’re about to have us some fun

(TwilightBorealis) #8

Two questions:

  1. I know that having 4 elements is convenient because it matches the number of suits in the tarot, but considering the inspiration for the setting why aren’t there wood and metal elements?

  2. When Vani was speaking with Berg, she talked about Berg’s inner strength and pointed to his heart. I know that at least in Japanese (Court of Cups?) culture the “heart” is thought to be in the head (mind). Is that not the case in the Court of Swords?

Fantastic show as always.

(SoCutey) #9

@AdamKoebel Did you find out if Berg’s damage is lessened?

His strength gives him +7 strength and I believe his boon from heaven should give him +1 attack & +1 damage but on his sheet it ‘only’ says +7 damage and not +8

(SoCutey) #10

Ten Pillars would know the answer to this question. He knows that the last of Fei’s items is a tiara. Adam revealed this a couple of episodes ago when Ten Pillars was eyeing Berg’s magical items

(Qu4resm4) #11

As great as the Vani-Berg convo was, I cannot help but wonder how things would’ve gone if Berg were still possessed by the old man in her presence XD

Also, still bummed that Maharib didn’t smooch Agni-possessing-Vani a couple episodes ago…

And I guess the amount of Shipping in my Dragon Heist game is showing, cuz I seem to expect a lot of shipping in any D&D game like it’s in the rules LOL

(KidCronos) #12

For the old man to get that far he’d have needed a miracle and whole lot of :itmejpcrit:'s.

(Womprats) #13

Only 1.5h in to the episode and was shocked when I didn’t hear an Ignition (Remix) pun. Glad to see my concern alleviated.

@itmeJP Do you have metrics for Patreon mp3 downloads? It’s my primary consumption method now (used to be youtube vods), just curious if you’re still ‘aware’ of my (and other mp3 listeners) intake, or if that could have some effect on your perception of views (e.g., if 1000 people switch from youtube to mp3, does that look like 1000 fewer viewers to you).

(NRush1100) #14

Having a live show the day after Friday the 13th is an excellent tactic. All the universal bad luck will have been burned out, leaving only personal karma. Which means anything bad happening to the characters is their own fault lol