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CoS - The Chapel of Heroes 2018


(Twitch: lurkingleoncino) #1

It has been a while since my last creation for the show, but i hope the time i put into this one payed back.

Starting the new year of course with the serie’s oldest and most acclaimed protagonist, this Berg fanart is a recollection of the most important events, characters and artifacts that influenced him during his long and difficult adventures.

I wish to find time, energy and inspiration to continue the series.

Hope you’ll like it! ^^

The second illustration, i had to dedicate it to the oldest character living (or not? xD) in the CoS roster ^^

(AdamKoebel) #2

Oh heeeeeeell yes

(VyRe40) #3

That’s badass.

(Landwaker) #4

So awesome man!

(TheWorklessGamer) #5

Well their is my new phone screensaver, fucking awesome

(Twitch: lurkingleoncino) #6

Thanks everyone for the kind messages ^^

I just updated the thread with a new version of the illustration.

I made some minor changes to be up to date with the show and i left the old one so that, if you like it, you still can check it out ;D

Hope you’ll like it! ^^

(leacim88) #7

I LOVE IT! Realy realy love it!

I see one tiny minor problem thou, the bracelet is on the wrong arm.

(Twitch: lurkingleoncino) #8

Thank you! Yeah, i got lazy and forgot once i completed the other changes xD

I think i’ll come back to it at some point :thinking:

(Twitch: lurkingleoncino) #9

Finally a new update!! (look at the top post)

The second illustration, i had to dedicate it to the second oldest character living (or not? xD) in the CoS roster ^^

Ramus Cornelius Krill

I believe i got the most relevant moments of the character in there.
The only one that i’m not totally convinced of is the top left corner. Anyway, there’s still space for evolution and change ^^

(jduats) #10

This is great! I love the middle frame with Spirit Guardians.

(Elyoslayer) #11

I like how the most confusing thing in CoS is Berg’s arms, initially i thought the bracelet was in his left hand and the stone hand was his right one. But from what i hear it seems to be the other way around.

(TheDesec) #12

It definitely started out on their left arms, but they forgot and randomly chose… and every time they did they chose right :itmejprage:
I think when the arm was petrified in Ziva’s arc, they even rolled for it, because there was a chance for the thing to fall off. :itmejpfail:

I like the stone arm to be left, and I hope berg will attune to it and see what it can do!

(TheDesec) #13

Do you mean by first appearance? Ramus is older than Berg, he started with Gideon, Janus and Wester. Berg is the “throwaway reroll” after … Gideon stepped on Westers’ neck

(Twitch: lurkingleoncino) #14

That’s right! I forgot! xD post updated :muscle: :triumph::thumbsup:

(CPaulGallagher) #15

The best part is that there’s not a shield to be found on Berg’s image…

Though you may want to include rust monsters :wink:

(Elyoslayer) #16

And from that day on, that 1 doomed Max to rollplay Berg for the rest of his life. Berg might have a good backstory but damn, i would be bored as hell to rollplay him for more than a year, his dialogue is a bit more complex than a pokemon.

(Twitch: lurkingleoncino) #17

Update and Upgrade! (look at the top post)
Because of the events of the past couple of episodes i decided to continue the trend started with Ramus’s token. So here it is the new Berg’s stained glass illustration! ^^

From the experience i had with Ramus’s window i learned how to add some light and shadows effects. I hope i didn’t overdid it.
I also edited the details i got wrong from the prevous two.
I remembered how Max described the effects that raging gives to Berg and added some from my own inspiration.
As always i hope you’ll like it <3 <3

(Elyoslayer) #18

It’s great, but that one little tile that connect the red thumb part with the hand is really really bothering me for some reason XD

(skorpyin78) #19

This is… really, really rad. Hope they use updated ramus face in the game!