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CoS Fan Game One Shot?

Hey everybody,

In the last Q&A, some folks were showing their interest in playing in the CoS world. Would anybody be interested in joining up and putting together a fan game? I think it would be really fun to run a game in a place we haven’t seen yet, like the Court of Cups (Mara-haunted fishing village), or a fringe village of the Court of Swords that the war is just beginning to take hold of (maybe play as Necromancer King’s minions). I’m open to other setting suggestions too!

I’d definitely be interested in this

I’d love to play in a game like this. Been itching to play some 5e rather than DM it, and I love the whole theme of Adam’s world.

I’m digging the idea of a Court of Cups fishing village setting, any thoughts or preferences y’all have? I’d like to leave this open at least until Saturday/Sunday cuz folks might not have seen this thread until they stop by the forum after the show.

Fishing village sounds pretty dope. Curious to know what kind of goings on there would be in such a campaign :slight_smile:

We have a lot of flexibility where we could set this before the rise of the Necromancer King, or do it during the events of the campaign. I think the biggest effect we could expect is if happens at the same time as the current arc, Heaven would be less than helpful.

How about a premise where the players are sailors/fisherman/pirates stopping at an island along a journey? I know Adam talked about something similar as a possible scenario before they decided to do the City of Brass. I’ll probably dig through some old vods and see what we can learn about the Court of Cups from them. The real world analogue for the setting was the South Pacific if I remember right.

Also, is there any interest in streaming this? I think either way it would be fun to do a write up of the events after the game and share the adventure here.

Pirates would be interesting to do, I’ve never seen a pirate campaign that focused on anything other than Atlantic/Carribean localles. While I don’t have the setup nor the internet to stream the game myself, I am absolutely fine with it happening.

I’m in, would be really fun. :slight_smile: Could be fun to start lvl 1 in the middle of the war of the City of Brass. Being affected by the main story and having a small adventure of our own, or maybe just get out of dodge.

But I’m sure any setting would be fine.

I know I’m late to the party, but I’d be interested.

Same here! I’d be down!

@ProxyClouds I think for this game, I’d like to stay away from the City of Brass and PC’s to try something fresh.

What do everyone’s schedules look like? If people could send me their discord handles through the message system on here, we can organize easier.

Sounds fair :slight_smile: