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CoS City of Brass Theorizing for Future [Spoilers abound]


(sythmaster) #1

So I just had an interesting thought with the whole [spoiler]“City of Brass is pretty much un-salvageable at this point”[/spoiler]

With the idea of [spoiler]this city being the “center of awesome magical shit” it’s really giving me some parallel vibes to the burning of the Library at Alexandria. It will be interesting to see sort of the “vacuum of knowledge” that might be encountered [/spoiler] following this City of Brass ark. Also, this reaaalllly vibes well with [spoiler]The Star Arcana for me. I’m SUPER jazzed to see some more allusions to Star Themes. Maybe even The Star - Reversed?[/spoiler]

What do y’all think? Does this seem like a cool vibe?

(apepi) #2

I would argue even though they lose… ‘classical’ type of CoS knowledge, they have a lot to learn from the Farang.