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CoS - Berg Manhandling a Dinosaur

So I’m a little bit behind, but when I was listening to this fight scene, I knew that it needed to be drawn. Took me a couple of weeks between commissions, but it’s done now, and wanted to share!

(Yes, I found Geers’ version about halfway through this drawing, but had to finish it anyway)


Detail on the hammer is dope AF.

Thanks :slight_smile: Had to change it a few times as I continued listening to Court of Swords and the description was refined haha. So I’m glad that it paid off.

10/10 - amazing work

Wow! That’s phenomenal work! So much detail!

This is a 10/10 comment :heart:

Thanks, glad those details are appreciated :slight_smile:

Sick! I like that even though it’s the same scene as the Geers picture, the angle, mood, and characterization feels really different. 10/10!