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Christmas with Cox Discussion [SPOILER WARNING]

(VyRe40) #1

For me, that was one of the best-executed one-shots ever. From the musical tunes of Drumrboy and Jesse’s Christmas classic (with live atmospheric distortions by JP), to the graphics work and transitions, plus the meta-roasting and caricatures, as well as the live ARG Twitter posts by Zeke, and even the incredible audience engagement with stuff like “celebrity guest appearances” influencing Jesse’s plot points (Bluejay and Shannon)… Everyone involved in the show did a fantastic damn job at making this a “special event” beyond expectations. :itmejp10:

What did you guys think?

(repsels) #2

Yes! Completely agree with VyRe40 on all points :slight_smile:

Usually more of a lurker, but felt like I just had to post here to say how awesome I thought this show was.

Major thumbs up to all involved!

(Twitch: LiveSpace) #3


(Twitch: cyan_83) #4

I usually don’t like the one shots very much, but this one was a blast. The meta-nature of it and the whole atmosphere made it really fun. Jesse is a surprisingly awesome GM, I would love to see him GM more. Shoutout to JP adn TwitchSurgeon, the graphics and transitions contributed to the atmosphere really well!

(Twitch: arielleej) #5

This show was fantastic. I really enjoyed watching it. Very meta which was something new and interesting, and the pacing was nearly perfect. It felt a little rushed at the end, but that was really my only criticism.

(Comfortablylexi) #6

Jesse, you were born to GM!

(profnesbitt) #7

Totally agree the production on this was top notch. I usually only go and watch the one shots when I’ve caught up on other episodes of series but this one gripped me from the very beginning. Great work by all. This is the first Rollplay show I feel like I really missed out by not being able to see chat the whole show.

Side note if they do more of these playing themselves ones I really hope it becomes a running gag that Shannon is always in the bathroom haha.

(VyRe40) #8

As for the future: I’m hoping this becomes a “thing” that Jesse does every year. Beyond that, I hope he runs more one-shots in general. I feel like he’s always had the right stuff for GM-ing, he just needed the experience to be comfortable in the big seat.

Other thoughts: Tales from the Loop was the perfect game for Jesse to run. Zeke was a surprise casting as something of an outsider in Jesse’s friend group, but ultimately he fit right in and added the right spice to the show - you can always rely on Zeke to dive in head-first with Rollplay.

I’m also expecting the sequel to this holiday special to follow a different dramatic “expectation” entirely, knowing Jesse… probably gonna be weirder and more in your head.

(apepi) #9

I honestly loved it. When you hit the point of “Where is Jesse going with this?” he hits it out of the park.

(putridcheese) #10

Watched the first hour… what is going on? XD

(VyRe40) #11


(Twitch: starzero) #12

agree with everything said by VyRe40, I think this was my favorite ono-shot of the year. Tales from the Loop is the perfect system for this and everyone did an awesome job. Jesse, the cast, JP, great music, great graphics, everyone playing along in chat, it was just an amazing show.

(PalimpsestPulp) #13

Usually I find it really hard to enjoy watching a show when the rules are poorly implemented (which they were) but this was the exception. I loved it. I really think with a bit more system mastery, Jesse would be an awesome GM. He has the chops.

(Typoko) #14

This might be the first time when it’s actually a lot more interesting to watch from Twitch where you can see the chat with people who are characters played by Cox.

(BorisIgnatievich) #15

Shannon getting mad in chat at the idea of her taking a dump and everyone just leaning further and further into the joke in response was hilarious :itmejplol: :thumbsup:

(brawlldoom) #16

I’m so pissed I missed this live

[spoiler]Also, I totally called Adam as the head of the nihilist murder plot as soon as he opened the door :adamwizard:[/spoiler]

(putridcheese) #17

Man this was glorious. It was controlled chaos. I hope Jesse DM’s on at least a quarterly basis now. :smiley:

Streamers definitely have eyes in the inside… drinking that old blood. :stuck_out_tongue:

(VyRe40) #18

Jesse was saying on Twitter that he’s caught the GM bug now… so here’s hoping.