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Character Q&A: Ramus Cornelius Krill

(DansGaming) #1

If you have any questions about Ramus, ask here and I'll answer

(profnesbitt) #2

How itching is Ramus to get a chance to animate something to work for him?

(of many names, most of them Grumpy) #3

What would Ramus multi class into if given the chance?

(itmeJP) #4

How's the espresso though?

(Ty_martinez) #5

Do you think Ramus has changed after his death and resurrection because compared to the first time he was introduced he seemed to be much less brash then he was predeath.

(Dromagon) #6

Does Ramus miss the warmth of the sun, or has he learn to love the shade of the tower? Also I just wanted to say it is great to have a character like Ramus around. It helps balance out the personalities of the party. Berg is great but he can seem so solemn, that without someone to bring humor or snarkyness to the party thing would just be a big downer. So thank you for making a character i both love and hate to watch.

(Olf_Himself) #7

Would be so cool if Ramus multiclassed into Warlock at level 6.

(thyL) #8

Would Ramus (still?) choose riches over Berg and the tasks that they're given?
Does he actually believe in the Tower now, does he still believe in the reincarnation system that most people believe in or is he just talking about it in front of others in some sort of understanding that it is easier for others to believe in that than the looming doom of death and destruction that Ramus might have seen in death (also: did he? :D)?

(BulldogCFC) #9

Why is he so cranky all the time, did he have a bad childhood?

(Utherix) #10

After a day, is a Q&A officially just a Q?

(disusedgenius) #12

Is there anything in particular that made you want to bring Ramus back? Was it the cleric kit, the... err... 'radiant' personality, a sense of leaving something unfinished or seeing an interesting narrative from the choice (or none or all of those!)?

(DansGaming) #13

Ramus has always been fascinated by the power the radiates from the gods/wizards/The Fountain. He is always wanting to explore new magics, Necromancy has been something he's been curious about but the church of the Sun hammered home its dangers and that it should be avoided.

(DansGaming) #14

Unfortunately stats wise there isn't really anything he could effectively multiclass into save a level or two for abilities. Light Clerics are best as pure classes

(DansGaming) #15

It's wonderful, quick easy way better tasting than Keurigg

(DansGaming) #16

Ramus was expecting to be embraced by the power of the gods upon death, but instead felt a great emptiness, a nothing, than makes him curious about why the sun felt hollow/empty when he cried out for help in his most dire need. He is going to want to research more about the gods, religions, and forbidden knowledge of the world to find out why things aren't as they appeared.

(DansGaming) #17

Ramus cares about himself first and foremost. His allies come second and only because he needs them to accomplish things he can't do himself, admitting that he needs help is something he would never do openly.

Ramus is in search of power, riches are one form of power. He wants to be a name on the tip of everyone's lips of the glory of Ramus Cornelius Krill and all his done. He is not evil, I'd say he was neutral if anything, he will do good and evil if it helps him gets what he wants.

He believes that there is power that comes from the tower, whether he believes in the details of religion are another. Ramus does not like the bureaucracy, hypocrisy and evil he sees with the structures of organized religion.

(DansGaming) #18

He has little patients for people because they are often dumb, needy, and a waste of his precious time. He wants what he needs fast and without delay. He also is very blunt, beating around the bush is not something he does. He will tell it how it is and move on his way. There are great powers and mysteries to solve in this world, talking with this person is beneath that purpose

(DansGaming) #19

Insignificant FOOL, I shall answer your measly questions when and IF I feel Like it. RAMUS CORNELIUS KRILL has seen and done things you will never know. YOU SHOULD BOW DOWN AND WORSHIP MY FEET, for you do not know to whom you speak!

(DansGaming) #20

Ramus was the character I wanted to play for a long time and felt upset about how he died. Coming back from the dead fits along his main goals as explained above. Death is an ultimate mystery he wants to unravel experiencing it first hand left him with a lot of questions and mystery to solve.

(uncrustablemike) #21

Hi Dan, first of all i really enjoy your contribution to CoS, and i feel that one of the reasons you are so good at roleplaying is because it clearly shows that you enjoy it which is awesome to see.

Having looked at some of the other answers in the thread i can see that you have said that Ramus seeks power, and forbidden knowledge. Does he have some sort of end goal which requires him to gain power and knowledge in order to achieve?

Also do you think that Ramus has any sort of unfinished business from he previous life, perhaps someone he met when he was training to become a cleric of the sun? - Thank you for taking the time to answer some of these questions.