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Character Q&A: Azriel (Dan)


(UmbraSanctum) #21

What kind of background and background alignment choices did you choose when making Azrael? Was there motivation beyond mechanics that fed into choosing both the scourge type Aasimar and vengeance tree paladin?

(Unfortunatename) #22

Are you happy with the number of "smite" spells available to you?

What are you favorite "smiting" spells?

Are you glad no one will ever call you "Raziel" by accident now?

(AngelCorp) #23

So Azriel basically got sent here to babysit Raziel, but Azriel has personal motivations for vengeance (at least from what I understand), but you're also sort of getting messages from the Fountain. How would you characterize Azriel's morals? Maybe that's spoiling potential things to ask, but if Azriel is forced to pick between his mission and his personal mission and his companions, where does he fall? And is his personal vendetta specific?

Also (I can't find it), is your healing racial a bonus action or a full action, and does it note whether it's safe to cast in melee? As far as I remember there's been no penalty for Lay on Hands so far; I didn't know if there were specifics on your racial heal.

Thanks for making this thread Dan <3

(Zugor96) #24

Rest in peace, Tian Shi

(Might be Captain Marvel) #25

next time please use spoiler blur tool to hide spoilers.

Just so you know it was a spoiler for me

(TheDesec) #26

Even better would be an indicator to when the spoil occurs... or what kind of spoiler it might be...

Like this: (Week 93 Spoiler) somebody does something

...that way we don't blindly guess whether we don't want to see the spoiler or have already passed its moment. Maybe that would not really apply to the episodes' Q&A threads, but anywhere else. Like here!

I think this was an issue before... switching to the suggestion thing...

Spoiler etiquette
(Zugor96) #27

I apologize I didn't consider that people hadn't seen it, that was silly of me, it won't happen again. I need to learn how more about the message boards as well cause I didn't know how to blur it out, my ignorance of that isn't an excuse, just for context on my part, again apologies it won't happen anymore.

(Paul Robinson) #28

We all make mistakes! Don't beat yourself up about it though. Dan spoiled that his character had died on Twitter by posting about making his new character for Tuesday's D&D.

(lowfatdiet) #29

I like all of your characters a lot. Azriel was my favorite so far. I am not 100% caught up yet. Just got to the two-shot. I had an interesting theory (for lack of a better word) that since (Spoilers up to week 40)

Your current/former character is lacking a soul and since Azriel's soul is one that is reincarnated through the fountain that somehow the possibility exists that somehow Azriel's soul will become merged with Ramus's body. I know its highly unlikely but its fun to think about as it brings about a certain irony not just as a player of both characters, but also as essentially merging 2 characters that have very different personalities.

Anyway you do a great job on the show as well as the rest of the cast and watching you grow and become better at playing as your character episode by episode has been a very fun experience. Keep up the good work.