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Blades: Shrouds of Darkness

Its taken me a while to do, pushing my comp to the limit lol. Anyway hope you guys enjoy :slight_smile:


Have anyone ever done a opening credits for a RollPlay show? Coz I can totally see this track as an opening theme for one!

its funny you say that, i thought about it but i suck at video and stuff… was gonna try con my brother in to helping me but i think i know what the answer would be. Have some cool ideas for it too :cry:

I really would love to help you with that. But being a freelancer sets it’s own priorities, so if nobody will support this project - I’ll eat leviathan slime till March, ha-ha.


RollPlay Legacy had opening credits :slight_smile:

@Absent_Minds another amazing track! it fits blades so well :itmejpheart: Do you have a Bandcamp where I can buy all the RollPlay songs you made as an album?


Love this, has this eerie moody opening that fits very well with how I envision the Blades world, from around 1:30 I start to envision the team going to work and really getting down and dirty from 2:40.

Swan Song had a separate one for (at least) season one and two (these seems to be gone from YT now). And there where a few others that wasn’t used on stream as far as I remember. Heres a few:


Whao! That’s amazing.
Damn it! The quality level simply compells me to make the damn thing for Blades. Maybe next month, we’ll see.

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Hey @NoorElBahrain, i want to release one for the Court of Swords tracks i’ve done but the only 2 things stopping me at the min is 1. A title for the album and 2. Getting some art work or something for the front cover… so 2 important things really.
My bro was ment to help me out with the art but he has had a few things going on which looks like it isn’t going to happen, plus my drawing skills are pretty poo now days.
I will do a Blades one when i write some more tracks but maybe i’ll release this song for people to get and add to it, again though i need some art work for it :cry:

I do have a Band camp with an album with some of the songs i did for Mirrorshades and Swan Song, you can find it here: which has 9 tracks on it.

Anyway i’ll try and get the CoS ablum done asap… finger crossed


Loved it! Especially the harp bits :stuck_out_tongue: Would definitely be open to doing some sort of collaboration with live harp some time!! I’ve never really been able to do anything with backtracking yet, so it’d be really cool.


Hey @samiaantha yeah that would be really cool, getting some real organic instruments in some music would be so good, maybe when i’ve got something i’ll send it to you and you can add your take on it, or even if you have something you want some strings and that added too if your up for that? … if so i’ll get to work :slight_smile:

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