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Blades Intro Music

I really like the setting and vibe of Blades — inspired me to write some music. This is my take on a TV show style intro theme for the series.

Check it out:

EDIT new mix up


Is it wierd that in my mind telly that it’s basically just a montage of them killing people?


The overall melody and style is really nice and reminds me a lot of Dexter.

But, there’s something about the instruments themselves that sounds kind of tinny to me. Can’t really explain it, let me give an example. I’m a Metallica person, through and through. Then cometh ‘St. Anger’ and the drums of the entire album sound like they were a childrens’ drum set from the 1870s. This is the feeling I’m getting here from guitar and drums.

I don’t know how you record. Probably not in a studio, I’m guessing!? Nor do I know what software you use. So that might be it. I might be nitpicking. I am nitpicking.

Again: Melody is really nice. Just my honest feedback! I would not have been able to put something like this together! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



nice! Its not similar at all but the Sherlock Holmes movie theme popped into my head when listening to this.

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@Mhurgle ha, you’re right on. The guitar lead is supposed to be the sound of slicing foos with a dagger.

@TheDesec thanks for the feedback. St. Anger is a good example, I know exactly where you’re coming from. It was a stylistic choice. The biggest reason it sounds off from a rock/metal mix, is that when you have a guitar and drums, you’re always going to want to hear a bass filling out the low end. Other than the string stabs which only appear briefly there is nothing below the guitar. This is an orchestral concept as well, you don’t want big gaps in instrumentation, or stuff will sound off. I was aiming for this sense of uneasiness. The lowest note in the guitar for the verse bits is the fifth, not the root, which sounds unsettled.

For the drums I chose samples from a jazz collection — the snare and kick especially are a lot weaker than a rock kit. Modern rock drums sound cool, but I was going for more of a sense of place, time (a long time ago before rock drums) and style than sheer rocking out.

Lastly the guitars do have a lot of bite to them. Low end, especially on acoustic guitar, can sound warm and welcoming where I wanted cool, cutting, like a knife’s edge.

So that’s where I’m coming from, sorry if I went into too much detail. Thanks for the listen!


@NoorElBahrain cool man, that’s not too far from the vibe I was going for

Re-listened. It mainly the first 19 seconds that sound a little weird to me, the rest is fine. Maybe because the orchestral part is kicking in after that? Maybe the tempo of the melody guitar? The first two drum kicks feel a little strong. I have no idea how music works :stuck_out_tongue:

@TheDesec thanks, this type of feedback is very helpful

Those clarinets are killer!

One suggestion is maybe sending guitars to a subtle stereo reverb to help give it some space. It’s has it’s own character though which is awesome!

Love it!!!

Sounds creepy in a killing for fun way lol, keep it up dude :slight_smile:

Feeling the klayman shuffle somehow. Great tune!

Got a fresh mix up that I think is more lush and less squashed

@TheDesec so I listened with fresh ears, and you’re totally right, the mix was tinny, main reason I decided to give the mix another shot

@NoorElBahrain good call, I ended up using the Sherlock Holmes soundtrack as a reference for the second mix attempt

@Drumurboy thanks, the guitars were going through a reverb but you’re right, the last mix was had a drab stereo image, think I spruced it up a bit

@Absent_Minds thanks for the listen

@putridcheese bahaha, what a random reference. That game is in my top 5 game soundtracks.