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Blades in the Dark final version PDF available now (book preorders too)


I’ll keep this thread updated with more information as it becomes available about the sale of the source material.

Update :


I don’t own a lot of RPGs in book form, but this will be one of them.

I only own some of the Star Wars Edge of the Empire books because apparently they aren’t sold digitally. I won’t lie, I have too many books for my living space so now that i actually appreciate digital media, I realize just what a godsend it is.

So I already have the digital pre-order from DriveThru RPG and I will be very happy to upgrade it first thing Monday morning when i get home from work at 8am EST. Or whenever it is first available.

But YAY!

Woot! I’m excited to get my hands on the PDF, definitely going to be picking up a physical copy though! :smiley:


Yeah, bit of a bummer for those of us who work overnights, or are in radically different time zones, but c’est la vie. On the massively silver lining though, IT’S FINALLY HERE! WOOHOO!

It’s available now!

Pre-order a physical book here:
(you’ll get access to the PDF right away)

Get a digital-only version here:



Quick question how long will the preorders run?

From the discription:

This hardcover special edition of Blades in the Dark contains an additional 20 pages or so of bonus material made possible by the Kickstarter campaign, plus some extra bells and whistles like decorative endpapers and built-in ribbon bookmarks. (Cover image seen here is a digital-mock up and will likely change as John finalizes the look of the Special Edition.)

for those who want to know the Special Edition v Standard

Pre-orders run until the end of February.

The Special Edition contains an additional city setting: U’Duasha, the great Iruvian desert city, ruled by demons.

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Thank you :itmejphappy:

Well now I have to scrounge up $50.