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Blades and the emotional swings it brings.[Spoilers inside]

(Stabbe) #1

Hello RollPlay community!

My name is Stabbe and I have been watching these amazing people roleplay since the first show. I personally got hooked on the first episode of the first show and haven't regretted any time spent listening and watching what has been made so far.
In the three now running shows the level of acting coming across and the commitment to their characters is to me just amazing, culminating in the scene between Aldo and the possessed Rune.

In Episode 9, and the assassination of the Blue coat the interaction between Aldo and the cop crept very close to my tolerance level of how far I can manage to engage with the story without actually having to stop watching. I realise that I am no macho man when it comes to these things but the acting of Aldo is just to good, that scene is in my opinion the most cruel so far. Don't get me wrong though, I love that it was there but I really appreciated that they acknowledged that it went really dark in the Patreon video. In fact it actually made me feel "safe" about continuing to watch the show. I just want to be specific here that this is not ment to discourage the crew of RollPlay®: Blades from doing these really dark scenes its just something I struggle watching when its done as good as this.

Then came Episode 10.
Generally a great episode as we have come to expect from RollPlay®: Blades, but the ending scene was just too good! I cant stress it enough, watching Aldo's feelings brought to life so well combined with the possessed Rune its just hands down the best moment yet to come out of RolePlay. It made me cry alot, and feel all messy inside it was amazing!
I was completely blown away from how well that entire scene was portrayed, and it makes me feel so good to se how genuinely everyone in the cast appreciated what had just been acted out.

I am starting to run out of words for what I want to have said with this post, but if you want something concrete to take with you after reading this then just know that I truly feel grateful to be able to watch all of the RollPlay shows. To me it is what I do when my depression is worse or I am just to tiered, it always makes me feel much better.