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Blades 10.5 Missing Twitch VOD

Not sure if I’m just missing it - but I was catching up on some blades this weekend and couldn’t find the Blades highlight/VOD for episode 10.5 on twitch. I switched to youtube and am watching it now, not sure how important it is to have everything highlighted for the backlog though.

Just wanted to let @itmeJP or whoever deals with twitch highlights/VODs know!

hey, its this vod called week 11 in the vod list

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I take some of the blame I usually add twitch and youtube vods to the schedule but I have been forgotten to do that repeatedly. sorry

Edit: oops you wanted 10.5. My forgetfulness was since the last Blades episode. Anyway, the schedule is a good resource to find vods. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh god my OCD. So the VOD’s are now out of sync!
Twitch VOD week 11 = Youtube Week 10.5
Twitch VOD week 12 = Youtube Week 11
Twitch VOD week 13 = Youtube Week 12

Don’t do this to me! :frowning:

At least I know when switching back and forth now.

tagging @Imagine42 who edits the twitch vods and @itmeJP so that the issue can be seen