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Berg Sculpt Inside


(Trovarion) #1

A sculpt that I am working on showing a half-orc with a bird on its shoulder (not depicted) and todays episode made me actually think - this could be how Berg looks like! When Gassy said "Berg looks suprised at the Blood Falcon on his shoulder...."

hope some of you like it. Cheers!

(CultureSyndrome) #2

this is Beautiful! what medium are you using? I mess about with Chavant now and then but i'm nowhere near this good.

(Trovarion) #3

Thank You! I am Just using Super Sculpey Firm, which is a Polymer Clay - it allows me to bake the sculptures and send them to my caster. Chavant, Monsterclay, Castilene are good mediums... For my stuff (smaller scales like 1:10, 1:12 and 28-75mm) Super Sculpey is perfect.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #4

That is so cool! Awesome work and thank you for sharing :itmejphappy:

(Twitch: eyearcana) #5

Wow that's really good, I wish I had an artistic talent.

(thyL) #6

this looks so cool! :smiley:

(iilucreative) #7

That is ridiculously good. Amazing work Trovarion!


(Trovarion) #8

thank you for the compliments guys!

(Trovarion) #9

just thought i'd share with you the finished sculpt, this time with the bird! Stuck with the name Berg, although it was more coincidence than anything that he reminded me og gassys character :wink:

(boeiee) #10

Really well done, Should try and tweet it to Max so he can see it.( i dont think he has a forum account @gassymexican )

(Trovarion) #11

oh...I did tweet it at him, I dont know if he saw it. I also don't want to harass people, so I left it at that :slight_smile: