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(Fatalidoon) #21

Lamentations of the flame princess would be phenomenal with a dm who does weird/gross characters (lumpkinesque if you will) though it can get very intense.

(BorisIgnatievich) #22

I've been trying to remember the name on the quiet year for ages, so thanks! Really want to try it

(Womprats) #23

Whatever game is chosen for a longer campaign, would be fun to see Microscope played as the world builder to kick things off. Game could even be chosen afterwards as the Microscope results could help inform the decision. Have you tried this before @AdamKoebel ?

(someknave) #24

I would love to see a microscope game, I think that it should mostly be played for it's own sake though.

It is a huge ask that a specific run through is not only an entertaining show for the audience but also produces, as an artifact of play, a usable campaign setting that is easily adaptable for whatever project they were planning to do next.

As a home game you can have a few attempts and are free to choose any rpg and spend any amount of effort after the fact on whatever the campaign will be.

(Womprats) #25

That's a fair point. In my head, I was thinking that the project could be adapted to the world rather than having to adapt the world to a project idea, but I can see how it could still feel constraining. Like you said, would still be a fun watch! And a consideration to do further games with the world could always come later without any prior commitment.

(d098s) #26

I'd love to see a silly one shot like a kobold ate my baby or a classic d10 game like old school l5r