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Are there planned upgrades to

Hi all!

This is probably question for @TwitchSurgeon because I am not really sure who is responsible for :slight_smile:

First things first, for some reason I started seeing just “test 2” text when I try to log-in there,
instead of the mp3s.

Second, I am actually too lazy to download those mp3-s to my phone anyway (and the page is PITA to use on a small screen), so I was thinking, would it be possible to add some sort of podcast feed into the interface?

And last, but not least, is the source of the page somewhere public? I understand that you probably wouldn’t be adding new features on a random users whim, but maybe you would consider merging a random patch from the community :wink:

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Hmmmmm, I was sure I removed the “test” build. Guess I forgot. Doh

JP got me to check a couple of things so I uploaded a test version to see what he was talking about.

On it now. disabled the debug flag so you shouldn’t be getting that debug message anymore.

Btw, “test 2” is because one of the Patreon checks has failed. basically it’s saying that instead of saying bot couldn’t find any rewards for you.

Yeah thats something I want to add when I get the time to do so. Basically I want to create a RSS feed that will list the MP3’s you have access too that you will be able to sub to once you logged in.

For the server side. Hmmm not really as it contains the keys to the kingdom so to speak. I could clean it up and post it somewhere but that is not something I’ve got planned to do atm.

As for the “test 2” let me see if I can find you in the system and I’ll report back.

EDIT: I can see you in the system. So it shouldn’t of given you that “test 2” message. Can you double check your logged in to Patreon with the right account and try again and report back if your still having issues or not please.

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@Crosseye_Jack awesome, was already asleep when you replied, but can confirm that it works for me now :slight_smile:

That might have been my wife’s account? So no problem on your side there :slight_smile:

Awesome, sounds like the exact thing I would like to see :smile:

I understand that, untangling the secrets to put something public can be tricky, we are currently in process of open-sourcing a thing at my job.

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I would absolutely love this.

Also one thing I might add in relation to the Patreon stuff. I am currently catching up on CoS and I was scrolling through the patreon stuff and there were some pretty heavy spoilers in some of the extra video titles. [spoiler]The character creation videos for the players after their characters died. “Jp’s new character creation” or something like that.[/spoiler]

Now that might be something that is hard to avoid but just thought I would point it out.

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Glad its fixed.

Yeah as to why you got the “test 2 / no rewards found” message is prob down to your wife’s account being still logged in.

A “bug” in the patreon login flow (and nothing I can do to fix it but I did send them a message about it) is there isn’t a “not you” button to change which login you wish to sign in with as there is on Twitch and the “grant access” page doesn’t really show which account your signed in as. If you set diff patreon avatars for your accounts you can use the avatar as a visual indiction as it is shown in the top right of the “grant access” page. (it caught me out a few times while I was creating the system)