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Anyone wish they had gotten a blades tshirt?

(solexious) #1

I've got tshirts and hoodies for SW, WM and MS, but that was because I was a big fan of those shows when the tspring drives went live. So I was a bit hesitant with the blades merch as BoP and CoS just haven't clicked for me, so with the need to buy in with little to no emotional investment I chose to pass on getting some merch.

But now a few more shows in its currently my fave rollplay show and I would really like to get a tshirt and hoodie. I was wondering if there were other people in the same boat, hopefully if there is enough support @itmeJP could run another campaign rather than needing to wait for the black friday resales at the end of the year. (where the sale part means he takes only a tiny cut)

So anyone want some?

(if you haven't guessed, I really hope future merch campaigns don't launch with the show and wait to allow us to see if we are fans before needing to pop down our casholas) :slight_smile:

(itmeJP) #2

At the moment we don't have any plans to open a merch store.

We do our annual Black Friday shirt sale (discounted prices on all previous shirts in November) so it might pop back up then, but at the time, nothing else planned.

(solexious) #3

Okie doke, was thinking more of a second full price t-spring campaign rather than a merch store, but happy to wait till black friday when I get new t-shirts :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response @itmeJP