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Anyone in the community know some good artists?

(JetVoidweller) #1

Well first off, I am sad, I was waiting till midnight to buy the limited edition ss shirt cause direct deposit and all. :cry:

On to the real topic. So I am in the middle of creating a board game and kinda need an artist for the game. Its going to be a science fiction based board game. Any recommendations? Of course I am willing to pay commission and what not, given I have a lot of requests for the full game.

(MarkWester) #2

Hi there, Im willing and available for work. You may have seen some of my fan art around, you can check out my stuff here:
just contact my email if you're interested.

(Darkvlagor) #3

Mark is also making his boardgame, and I know the guy. He's pretty good, he basically made all the landscape art on the swan song wiki :itmejpgg:

(Absent_Minds) #4

@MarkWester is pretty damn good, I've watched his streams and makes some fucking amazing art

(Ronamis) #5

Oi there! I don't know if I'm on the level you're lookin' for, but if you need me - I'm a sword for hire.

(Paul Robinson) #7

If you're still after an artist let me know. I know someone who could be of some help