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Any chance of seeing the CoS handouts?


(morgrath6) #1

I was wondering, Adam, how you would feel about sharing the handouts you've created for the players that detail the arcana, the alignments, and so on? I'm going to be running my first campaign soon and I'd love to incorporate some of what you've done with CoS, especially the tarot-based bonds (although I can figure that stuff out on my own by just looking up the general meanings). Is there any possibility of you sharing that stuff with the community, either generally or through Patreon? Although now that I think about it, this stuff could be in one of the PDFs, I'm not at a high enough tier to see what's in it. That might be an idea actually, creating a public post each month when the new PDF comes out so those of us who aren't pledged at that tier can see a summary/table of contents of what's in it. It might help to incentivise people to jump up to that tier. Just a thought.

Thanks for all you do, guys.

EDIT: Never mind, it is all in the PDF's, I just upped my pledge to satisfy my curiousity. I still think making the Contents page for each issue public on the patreon would help drive people towards upping to this tier. Cheers.