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An excerpt from A Brief History of Asgard Sigma

I’ve recently finished watching the live show and loved it. Here’s my take on what happened next with the galaxy at large:

Here our story takes turns into the strange. Dr Lenore, having cracked the code to defeating the nanite threat decides to continue flying with the Swan Song. It flies straight into the Warmind’s base of operations on Sigrid. Their purpose was never clear. Interviewees claimed some sacred mission to save the sector guiding the crew’s actions. But the war had already been won in the Syndicate labs. The last piece of the puzzle had been solved and all that was needed was time.

That is not to say the victory did not cost. The latter stages of the war are the stuff of legends, with great victories and heroic last stands, and we will cover it in a later chapter, but humanity survived the threat.

Some historians have argued that the Swan Song did achieve something in their doomed flight. That they managed to soften or weaken the Warmind in some ways. Certainly there is evidence that the Warmind had changed its strategy. Where once stood the enigmatic conqueror, it turned to plotting and scheming. It pretended a sudden concern for human life, keeping prisoners instead of assimilating them to its army. It offered to armistices and a halt to expansion, citing a greater threat beyond human understanding.

But this is much more likely due to the loss of military edge than some foolish voyage into the heart of its territory. More likely, the Warmind realized that it could not withstand the combined forces of the sector and chose instead to divide and conquer.

This did not meet with success. Over the next hundred years, the sector would hunt down and destroy the Warmind and its hidden bases. And this in turn would spark the race between the members of the coalition as they realized the value of the technology the caches represented…

-An excerpt from A Brief History of Asgard-Sigma

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