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Airbar for live sessions?

I saw you new screen that you put into the new live session and it was awesome!

I dont know how this will work for your setting or with roll 20, but there is a company called Neonode that created Airbar ( they make a screen into tuchscreen. it might work so you can move the characters yourself on the screen. Check it out and see if its any good for you :slight_smile:

Keep up the awesome content!

Everything I’ve heard about airbar (And its predecessors) is “Its OK as long as your targets are large enough, but its fiddly to set up every time you open your laptop” (Its designed for laptops, so only comes in 3 sizes maxing out at 15.6"), Prob easier to use Roll20 app as a remote control (Not really played with the Roll20 app so dunno what its functionality is compared to the web client) or a remote desktop application on his iPad (or just buying a multi touch screen… Next patreon goal gets JP a Surface hub so he can Roleplay as John King).