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After a lot of arduous work i completed a unique D&D class variant! Tell me your thoughts!


(Elyoslayer) #1

I am personally buffled at the lack of “disease” themed spells and builds in D&D. A lot of people would say to just go and play another game that is more oriented on that, but NO, disease and darker themes can exist in D&D as well, with some fantasy and a little bit of tweaking. :triumph: Althought i didn’t think i would complete it so soon, here it is! None asked for it but who cares, i liked the procedure anyway. :grin: I am 100% sure there are ways to abuse it to oblivion but holy hell, the Black Plague annihilated 100 million people over the millenia so this variant shouldn’t be weak to begin with. It must live up to the hype that history made it to be! It’s a very methodical build that focused on skill rotations and positioning in order to build up “Tokens” and deal heavy amounts of damage to an extensive amount of “recipients”. Feel free to share your thoughts and change whatever things you want in order to balance it for your respective games!