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Adam's Hacks and Rulings document for Court of Swords

This document will help you know the deference between how our DM @AdamKoebel runs Court of Swords compared to a regular DnD 5e game.

Edit: Keep in mind this document is not updated to reflect the current hacks and rulings of Court of Swords, however it would give you a general idea of the show.


I think it’s needs to be updated.
“Attempting to accomplish a goal or quest and failing means no XP, too bad, you failed. This is not an XP for failing model.”
You now get XP attempting/working on a goal. Don’t know the number but something like 50 times your level.

It does need some updates, but that’s still a true statement - the thing is now “take a meaningful risk in pursuit of a goal grants 50 x your level in XP” but a failed goal is still a failure.

Jadara is a Warlock.

I"m curious if/how you’re thinking about updating the Tarot aspects? I don’t think they’ve been used much sense… a while?

Maybe something like the divination ability where when you get a reading, you can “charge up” a d20 roll. And if you are about to do something that can be seen as following that Bond, you can use that roll instead of rolling? :man_shrugging:

Instead of inspiration, at my tables I use a feature that is essentially the luck feat. At the start of each session all players get 3 points to spend and may never have more than 3. Like inspiration, a point can be spent to gain advantage on a roll. Like the lucky feat, a point can also be spent to reroll any 1 D20. No more than 1 point may be spent on any 1 roll (e.g. if you’ve already spent a point to gain advantage you can’t then spend another to reroll either D20). Players are rewarded for any unspent points (50 times their level per point) at the end of each session. This seems to work well because it allows to players to enhance their rolls without relying on me to remember to give inspiration, and gives them the option to horde points if they’d like to focus on level progression

Edit: while I implement this rule the luck feat is banned and players still get XP from slaying monsters/goals/any other hack we agree on