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Adam's battle maps for CoS


(Xanothis) #1

Just wondering if anyone knows if Adam creates his own battlemaps for the show? If so any idea what tool he uses? If he gets them from somewhere any idea where? Just curious because I like the maps and I'm looking for this quality in my own game.


(Tristarae) #2

They look like maps from Roll20's marketplace.

(AdamKoebel) #3

They sure are! All from the marketplace.

(Azirale) #4

More specifically almost all of them look like they are artwork by Gabriel Pickard - I recognise them as I found them to be some of my favourites on the marketplace. Look for 'Vile Tiles' to get customisable maps with various pieces you can put down where you like, or 'Quick Encounters' for pre-set 25x25 maps.

Pro-tip on those, if you get the images scaled correctly they fit the standard grid perfectly.